AVP Beach Volleyball Player Shows How to go from Amateur to Pro in NO TIME

Dec 01, 2019


Mark talks about Defense on this 1 on 1 Video Analysis session with our junior member. Watch it and enjoy!



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Nov 24, 2019


Here's a sample of Mark's 1 on 1 Video Analysis session with our junior member. Watch it and pick up valuable tips along the way!



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Nov 17, 2019


Watch Mark's 1st ever webinar; A Crash Course in Offensive Design

This webinar tackles Creating Space and Offensive Attacks. Stay tuned towards the Q&A sections to gather information that will help you improve your game further.



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Beach Volleyball Drills: Scoring in Tough Situations

Nov 10, 2019


What's up guys? Today we've got a little transition setting and offensive decision-making drill.

We're going to show you what we did here on my side of the court I'm coaching here, we have four zones - two zones in the sharp sidelines, and two zones in the deep corners. So, the deep corners are going to be worth one point. The sharp side lines are worth two because those are more aggressive swings, and if they hit it in the middle of the court where defense is going to be, then that's worth one for my side. And if they make a hitting error then it's going to be worth three for my side.

So, their job is basically just to make good decisions and create fixing sense. I'm also forcing them to play the first ball with one arm because I want to work in some transition trouble sets. So, I'm going to feed them, they have to get the first touch with one arm, and then they have to go for the right shot. We'll see it for a couple of points here on this video.



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Beach Volleyball Training: Use This Game to Get Better at Peeling.

Nov 03, 2019


What's up guys? It's Mark from VolleyCamp Hermosa.

Today we are doing a little warm-up drill. It's a two-touch drill, but we've put lines to separate the front and back halves of the court.

If you go over on one touch, it needs to be in the front half of the court. If you go on the second touch, then it needs to be in the deep half of the court.

This is good because it gets our defenders footwork moving. Make sure that our defenders are protecting the short ball and then retreating to defense. This teaches our players that if you need to go over with a free ball, if we're in trouble we like to go deep because it puts the other team a little bit more off-balance

Anytime we put a short ball on two, it's not going to be to our advantage.



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Advanced Beach Volleyball Passing Concepts: Lift the Ball w/ VolleyCamp Hermosa and Mark Burik

Oct 27, 2019

Hey guys! do you think you're passing could get better? I do. Do you think that you have a terrible setter? Do you have any friends who always blame their setter? Maybe it's your passing…

Today we're going to talk about passing higher, making sure that you're lifting the ball enough and getting your setter the time that they need to give you the perfect set so that you can side-out. The better passer you become, the further in your tournament you can go and hopefully you can start winning those tournaments.

So, here's something that I say all the time at practices with all of my players. The word that I say most when people are passing is ‘lift’. I am trying to encourage my passers to pass higher. A lot of people think that high is going to mean a sky ball - something that gets out of control. That's not what I mean.

When we're talking about lifting, we're talking about giving your setter the ability to walk or move comfortably underneath the set and be able to...

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Advanced Beach Volleyball Passing Techniques: Early Platform w/ VolleyCamp Hermosa and Mark Burik

Oct 20, 2019


Why An Early Platform Is Important

There are a few things that really stand out, mistakes that everybody is making. One of them has to do with what leads into inconsistent forearm passing and forearm setting. Now the important part that we need to remember is to have a platform that is simple and rigid which should act as one solid platform.

A lot of players will approach a ball and they'll shoot their elbows out, so now they've only made a platform that only gets solid at the end. This leads to overpasses and an inconsistent angle that we can't study. So, it is important to build early and hold long. When approaching a ball, we’d like to make sure that our hands are out way before we get to the ball so that we have that nice platform built and set up already.


Advantage Of Setting Up Early

When your partner is looking at your platform, as well as looking at the ball flying towards your platform, they can easily predict where the ball is going to end up. So, if...

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