Get A Dream Job With Better at Beach!



Hey! Thanks for your interest in my post!

As a company, we have reached a lot of our goals and we’ve been able to create a system that shares and teaches GREAT beach volleyball programs. We’ve made it easy to find great programs so people can quickly Get Better at Beach Volleyball!


We have Online Courses, Workout Programs, an Online Membership that includes all of the courses, in person classes, Clinics, Camps and every now and then, we sell a t-shirt or two.


Our players THRIVE, constantly reach new levels and get new high finishes, especially when they join our membership. Our members get active coaching through the courses. They can post videos and questions at any time in our private facebook group they can meet with ELITE coaches in video meetings.


BUT, a lot of people don’t know about our programs or know how deep into the weeds with get with our members…


Here is where YOU might be able to help!


We don’t have enough people to introduce new players and coaches to our programs.


So we are in need of people who can do a few things and this month, we are paying out BIG in order to find the best ones.


A little bit of volleyball experience is necessary for each one but you don’t have to be a beach volleyball expert.


  1. Reach out to new people who aren’t members yet, ask about what their needs and show them which of our programs is the best fit for them.
  2. Welcome new members and walk them through their library/help them use our programs.
  3. Fix online account issues.
  4. Create and scale our FB/IG/Google Ads


In order to find a great long term fit for our company, we are going to run a 1 month PAID application/tryout process. Everyone is eligible to start earning immediately but we are going to walk you through all of our programs, rules and best practices.


Here’s how you can apply and get going.

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Go to and join our private group.
  3. Tonight and tomorrow, look for an email announcement from us. I’m going to host a zoom meeting and tell you EVERYTHING about our company, what we offer, and how to get some sales.
  4. Attend the zoom meeting: Thursday 12 Noon. Pacific… 3pm EST. You can ask every question you have at that meeting.


The application/tryout process is one month long and everyone gets paid on commission!


It starts tomorrow, Thursday afternoon.


Everyone starts at the same affiliate percentage.

5% for clinics & camps.

20% for Online Courses and Memberships.

50% for On Demand Webinars


After 2 Weeks (August 17th at midnight), anyone who has earned more than $1000 in commissions will get an upgraded bonus structure (5% more for each category).


After 4 Weeks (August 31st at midnight), anyone who has reached $2,500 in commissions for the month will receive a bonus $500!

Those people will earn more rewards in perpetuity!

Every $500 in commissions will earn you $250 bonus dollars!


Throughout August, we will be hosting meetings, delivering share-ables and guiding you through what we think are best practices. We are happy to meet with you, talk to you and exchange ideas. We want to get to know you and hopefully, add some permanent people to our team.


While our hiring will be largely based on sales, we also need independent, self starters who can create, problem solve, organize and BE REALLY COOL PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS!!!!

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