Mark Burik, started Better at Beach (formerly VolleyCamp Hermosa) in 2015 mid-way through his career as a professional beach volleyball player. Originally, it was only designed as a camp (and somewhat of a volleyball hostel) where players could book accommodations, training partners and a high level coach in ONE CLICK.

As the popularity of the camps and private lessons blossomed, he began to open up more opportunities by hosting regular classes for locals.That, too, started to grow in popularity. They added more coaches and people to the team. Better at Beach has always kept quality of coaching and individual attention as the priorities for coaching. 

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Then things got bigger! Under the advisement of some friends, Mark started running webinars and posting drills and tutorials on YouTube to help promote knowledge of the game and offerings. After adding a videographer, Tonya Stumphauzer, the reach grew 10-fold. She remains an integral part of Better at Beach’s growth and ability to teach beach volleyball.

Brandon Joyner joined Mark in 2019 and they re-branded as Better at Beach to represent the global reach and goals of the company. He is a true leader, educator, exceptional coach and elite volleyball player. He is the resident educational expert sporting a Master’s Degree from George Mason University and in a former life was a middle school teacher. Always evolving he and Mark have worn many hats and take it on their shoulders to develop programs, curriculums and events that will serve players and coaches for decades to come.

Matt Hazle made the the move to Hermosa Beach, CA in 2022 to pursue his professional volleyball dreams. Brandon immediately recognized his knack for leadership and ability to create instant comaraderie and community. Matt heads up our online training programs.

These people along with many other elite coaches and players have help us achieve Better at Beach Volleyball’s initial goal: Help 1 Million People Get Better at Beach Volleyball. We hope you join us on the journey to witness where we go from here.

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Mark Burik CEO/Head Coach

Mark is the Founder and Owner of Better at Beach. After a professional indoor career competing for several clubs in Europe, he had a 13 year career on the AVP where he reached a Top 100 World Tour ranking, represented Team USA at the Pan Am Games and won a Continental Championship.

He's an accomplished entrepreneur, an exceptional teacher, and one of the most recognizable personalities in the world of beach volleyball. Mark is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified personal trainer, and performance enhancement specialist with an exercise science degree from George Mason University.

Brandon Joyner / Lead Coach & Co-Founder of BetteratBeach.com

Brandon has also been a coach for more than 10 years.

During his playing years, Brandon was also a coach. Brandon has coached for 10+ years. He has coached volleyball camps as a head coach since 2008 and was the assistant coach for George Mason university from 2011-2013.

Matthew Hazel / Coach & Online Course Manager

Matthew Hazle is a distinguished athlete and coach in beach volleyball, known for his outstanding accomplishments as both a player and a mentor. He is a highly skilled coach, who is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Logan Webber / Coach

AVP and FIVB Pro

Finished second in AVP Rookie of the Year votes in 2019

Won 3 AVPNext Gold Series events in 2021 including New Orleans, Oshkosh, and Seaside, Oregon

One of the top AVP up and coming players and Olympic hopeful

Rob Mclean / Coach

Rob has been a coach for more than 8 years and is highly sought after in the Beach Cities with numerous roles on multiple juniors teams. We are happy to have a trainer of his intellect, patience and unique view of beach volleyball.

Tonya Stumphauzer / Director of Content

Tonya joined the team as Director of Content in January 2019, but it was months prior to that she really “interviewed” for the job during a volleyball class when she shyly asked Mark if she could film some of the class, then went home and edited a video. She produces and edits videos and creates and manages social media for VolleyCamp Hermosa/Better at Beach.

Tonya Stumphauzer / Director of Content

With over 25 years of dedicated experience, Cheryl Leffler is a seasoned graphic and web designer known for her creative and design acumen. Her daughter is a beach volleyball junior with a passion for the sport.


Anyone who wants to get better at playing, coaching or understanding beach volleyball.  

We are constantly creating tools,
blogs, videos and training opportunities for players at each and every level. 

We have worked our butts off to create an immersive learning experience PACKED with information that covers, technique, tutorials, drills, strategies, workouts, and more.

The VolleyChat! forum is a community designed to allow players and coaches from all over the world to interact, ask questions and answer each other’s questions. Professional volleyball players and officials moderate those boards so the answers and responses will be of the highest quality. This is a space where you can discuss everything beach volleyball and also help each other!

If you ever have a question, post it there because there is no doubt we have thousands of other players who have the same question or fought the same battle.


If you are interested in training with us in person, you can sign up for our local beach volleyball classes and private lessons. We also organize beach volleyball camps and volleyball vacations around the world.

Check out ALL our Traning Opportunities HERE!

Currently, we offer classes in:

Interested in a franchise? That is coming soon! You will be able to get in touch with us if you want a fast, easy system to build your beach volleyball coaching company. 

Our online courses and workout programs are very tightly organized programs designed to take you step by step through skills, techniques and strategies. Watch our videos and then follow our strict training guidelines and we guarantee you’ll get better. The courses all have progress bars so that when you sign in, you can pick up exactly where you left off. We have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the content of the courses.