What the setter dump in beach volleyball looks like

Can You Setter Dump In Beach Volleyball?

The setter dump is an effective play in regular volleyball. Now the question is if you are also allowed to do it in beach volleyball?


Can You Setter Dump In Beach Volleyball? Yes, But Not Like You're Used To.


In beach volleyball, you are not allowed to attack the ball 'open-handed', with soft fingers. You will be called for a 'throw' violation.

The setter dump as you know it from indoor volleyball is a tip, whereby the setter attacks the ball on the second contact using an open hand. While this is perfectly fine in regular volleyball, in beach volleyball it is against the rules.

There are three techniques with which the setter in beach volleyball could deceptively play the second ball over the net:

1. Dumping the ball forwards or backwards using hand setting technique

While it's not the same as a standard setter dump that most of the time happens sideways, there is another way to softly attack to achieve a similar effect:

Instead of setting his partner, the player can hand set the ball over the net on the second contact. This has to be in line with his shoulders, either forwards or backwards.


2. A setter 'dink' using a poke contact

Because in beach volleyball you can't play the ball over the net with an open hand, players use their knuckles instead. 

This contact is called a poke and allows you to place the ball with good control, without violating the rules.

3. Dump using a bump set

Another option to legally make the set drop on the other side of the court is to use the underarm technique.

Here you approach the ball with your platform out, as if you were going to bump set it to your partner. But instead, you deceptively play a low ball over the net. You can go forwards or backwards, depending on how the opposing players are positioned and what they least expect.


The Only Time You Can Really Dump The Ball Is When You're Blocking


Dumping the ball with two hands as the setter is forbidden -- but what about other types of dumping the ball?

The only time you're allowed to do that is when you're blocking at the net. As the blocker, you can touch any ball coming over the net with one or two hands, and push it back into the opponents' court.

You can even redirect it sideways. The feeling there is similar to a setter dump.


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