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VolleyCamp Hermosa Camper Shares Her Experience


We recently welcomed native Floridian Kelly Goncalves to the 7-day training camp at VolleyCamp Hermosa. Based on her review, Kelly had a blast. She blogged about her experience and was kind enough to share her thoughts with us, published below with her permission.

By Kelly Goncalves

Traveling to California is an adventure regardless of where you go. The rumors are true, the weather really is perfect all the time and the traffic is terrible all the time. I didn't rent a car and lived by the beach for eight days during my stay and I recommend you do the same. Hermosa Beach is an hour bike ride south of Venice beach. It's a smoke-free beach with miles on end of beautiful deep sand, high waves, and plenty of volleyball courts to share. Bring your own ball and make some new friends there is always someone playing.

In late August I flew out to the West Coast to watch the AVP games and attend a 7-day training camp.

Since writing this post, the training camp has added a...

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7 Deadly Sins of Hand Setting in Beach Volleyball


Hand setting in volleyball can be a challenge until you’ve mastered proper technique.

We clock a lot of hours every month coaching beach volleyball and it turns out there are 7 common mistakes players make again and again in their hand sets. Overcoming these 7 deadly sins on the court can make the difference between crushing it in a match or getting crushed. 

To help, we’ve put together this video demonstrating the 7 deadly sins of volleyball hand setting, but more importantly, proper technique that puts you in charge of the volleyball – and ultimately the court. So don’t be the player with “dainty lady” hands, or a slapper. A balloon catcher, or ol’ “crab hands.”

Be sure to check out our other beach volleyball training videos for coaching tips from pro volleyball players. Lots of good stuff to learn and review. You’ll find great volleyball drills and clear, entertaining explanations on how to do...

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Top 10 Beach Volleyball Vacation Destinations


When you love beach volleyball and you’re overdue for a vacation by the sea, might as well combine the two and make dreams come true. The best destinations deliver thrilling beach volleyball action and soul-satisfying scenery, which is one of the hallmarks of a great vacation. So where to go?

Beach volleyball can obviously be played anywhere you can find sand and a net. In the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, approximately 4,000 tons of sand were trucked into a 15,000-seat stadium for the beach volleyball event. But there’s nothing quite like a beach volleyball destination with a stunning ocean view.

If you’re going to take vacation time to play beach volleyball, might as well travel where the action is at its best and the scenery is most beautiful. With these goals in mind, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Beach Volleyball Destinations throughout the world. Each of these destinations offers the best beach volleyball you can find on the planet,...

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Pro Player Mark Burik Talks to Coach Donny on The Dig


Coach Donny Hui just interviewed beach volleyball pro Mark Burik on YouTube show, THE DIG.  Mark is a professional beach volleyball player (AVP and FIVB World Tours), an athletic performance trainer, entrepreneur, and beach volleyball coach, as founder of Better at Beach Volleyball.

“Learn about Mark’s story of going from a serious baseball player, to picking up volleyball in college on a club team, to walking onto a Division 1 program, to becoming a professional volleyball player,” Coach Donny says. “Mark provides insights into his thought processes and work ethic that will inspire you to achieve your own goals!  Feel free to share this video with your friends to inspire them as well.”

Take it to the next level: Learn about our 7-day beach volleyball training camps.

We also have awesome online training tools and eBooks to elevate your game into greatness.

Transcript of The Dig #6 – Coach Donny’s interview with...

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AVP & FIVB Beach Volleyball Defense Highlights: 93 Digs in 9 Minutes

If you're interested in this blog on defense in beach volleyball, you may be interested in our serving course. Serving is, of course, the first line of defense in beach volleyball, and this course will have you serving more accurately, with more power, in just a few weeks! We'd also love to have you drop by one -- or more -- of our beach volleyball classes, private lessons and training camps for adults and juniors in Hermosa Beach, CA and Salt Lake City, Utah. We run volleyball vacations in exotic locations around the world. We can even run beach volleyball clinics for your group, club or team in your hometown! Send an email to [email protected]
Want to learn how to run down a high line? How to dig a scud missile of a swing? How to chicken wing? One-armed stabby? Pick up a cut shot? Roof a guy who's way bigger than you? Joust? Run down a jumbo? Get a guy with a fake? 
The list of defensive maneuvers is, legitimately,...
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AVP San Francisco Men's Beach Volleyball Burik/Lorenz vs Allen/Slick


Check out this hard-fought beach volleyball match from the AVP San Francisco. Marty Lorenz and Mark Burik came up against Billy Allen and Stafford Slick. Allen/Slick won the set and match.

This is part of our beach volleyball training series where you can study Armswing Mechanics, Defensive Positioning and Attack Timing by observing AVP pros in action.

Take your skills to the next level with our 7-day beach volleyball training camps. Hot fun in the sun. We also have beach volleyball courses and training programs to suit every skill level and need.

Still hungry for beach volleyball training? Of course you are. Here’s what’s happening over at Beach Volleyball Mastery, a great destination for beach volleyball instruction and training with the pros. We’ll help you get your game on. Come see us on the beach.

Want to show your support and help us make more content? Buy a cool beach volleyball

Classic Long Sleeve Tee

Speed Agility Training...

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AVP Players' Pre-Season Beach Volleyball Workout


Follow along as we go through this 60-minute pre-season full-body beach volleyball workout with professional beach volleyball players Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner. There's a wealth of beach volleyball training information, covering strength, conditioning, aerobics and exercises to improve your volleyball skills. 

This workout is part of our 60 Day Strength and Conditioning Program available now at



D) Dynamic Range of Motion - 1 Set of 10 Reps Each Side.

  • Lying Straight Leg Kicks
  • Lying Straight Leg Cross-Over Swings
  • Lying Scorpions
  • Cat/Cow Series
  • Push-Up - Downward Dog / Upward Dog
  • Alternating Calf Stretch
  • Knee Hugs
  • Quad Stretch
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Elbow to Instep/Lunge Twist
  • Warrior One / Triangle Stretch
  • Alternating Pigeon Stretches
  • Deep Squat Twist
  • Open/Hug
  • Straight Arm Swings
  • Clasp Hands Behind Back / Hamstring Stretch and Reach



Static Endurance - 1 Set of 1...

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Beach Volleyball Attacking Course: Approach Footwork


Hey guys, the video that you're about to watch is an example of one of our beach volleyball lessons from our attacking course: Approach footwork, which will be coming out soon. We have a lot of different lessons, tips, drills and tutorials that are built into this attacking course beach volleyball. We guarantee that this will also be an asset to all those indoor players out there. We will teach you all different types of skills that you need in order to become the best attacker possible. Make sure you click subscribe to our Beach Volleyball YouTube channel. Click that little bell for the notifications so that you can be reminded when we are coming out with a video next. Lastly, don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list! Just for becoming a part of our tribe, you'll immediately get a free beach volleyball drill book, "36 Essential Drills for Beach Volleyball".

Be sure to check out our full line of beach volleyball training programs, available now at ...

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Beach Volleyball Video Analysis Private Lesson: Arm Swing Mechanics, Defensive Positioning, Attack Timing


Beach volleyball is an all-encompassing game. When we talk to our students at Better at Beach, sometimes we cover everything -- Beach Volleyball 101 style. In this call with Joe L., AVP Professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik discusses topics A-Z in the game, from good arm swing mechanics to defensive positioning to attack timing. 

It's one of the many products and services we offer here at Better at Beach, and if you'd like to schedule a call with Mark or one of our professional volleyball players, check us out with a 30-minute phone call and film review. We can go over any topic, skill, or question you have -- as we do with Joe in the video below.

We're firm believers that aside from physically practicing and being on the beach, there is nothing that can help your development in beach volleyball as studying your own game from practice and match film. I challenge you to think of a single sport where teams at the highest level don't watch hundreds of hours...

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Float Serving in Beach Volleyball

If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball serve receive and passing, you may want to take a look at our passing and serve receive course! And, now that the beaches are open again, we'd love to have you drop by one -- or more -- of our beach volleyball classes, private lessons and training camps for adults and juniors in Hermosa Beach, CA and Salt Lake City, Utah. We run volleyball vacations in exotic locations around the world. We can even run beach volleyball clinics for your group, club or team in your hometown! Send an email to [email protected]

It doesn't come in particularly fast. It isn't likely to make many, or any, Instagram highlights. It certainly isn't going to draw huge crowds at your beach volleyball tournament. But one of the most effective weapons in the game of beach volleyball is a float serve. 

If you ask 100 professional beach volleyball players if they'd rather pass a float serve or a top-spin jump serve,...

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