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Beach Volleyball Positioning Blocker and Defender Training


You guys want to hear more about DEFENSE, so that's what we're going to go over today. We're going to talk about positioning of the blocker and where the defender should be, or could be, throughout the extent of a point. This is a replay match of our team against the team of Sean Rosenthal and Chase Budinger.

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Aside from actually practicing, there is NOTHING as crucial to your development as studying your own game and practice film. Professional teams from all sports spend 100’s of hours analyzing themselves on video from workouts, practices and competition. It’s time to get with the program. Purchase our One on One Video Analysis session and get a 45 minute detailed breakdown and review...

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World Tour Beach Volleyball Tutorials: 3 Blocks, Set the Hitting Arm, Hit on 2


Hey everybody and welcome to another Better at Beach video analysis. This is a match showing beach volleyball pros Mark Burik and Tri Bourne playing against Brazil but did you know you can get your game analyzed by real pro's right here?! If you've ever wondered how  an AVP or World Tour player would fix your game, looking no further than our one on one online beach volleyball coaching. We guarantee you will have a deeper understanding of beach volleyball strategy.

Open a tab by clicking one of the links above, then come back and let's show you how much you can learn through online beach volleyball coaching.

We have about a minute of clips here and we just want to go through the details of each point with you and see if we can pick up some new skills, new tips, and discover how the pros are doing it.

In this video we take a look at what goes into scoring points in beach volleyball at the World Tour level. This is one of my qualifier matches in 2016 in Rio....

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How to go from amateur beach volleyball to pro player in NO TIME

When AVP and FIVB beach volleyball players and coaches watch film, we hunt for tendencies, weaknesses, strategical flaws and opportunities to win. In any player tent, you'll see players studying film from past matches so they can keep tabs on what they have been working on AND exploit other teams. If you have never seen yourself play a full match, you are missing out. You might THINK you are doing something correctly but then you see the replay and... uh oh. Gyms have mirrors. Writers have drafts and editors. Athletes have video analysis.

In this video, I teach Bryce how to win more points using some simple strategy and key points that can take his game to the next level. I'm SURE this quick video session will help your game get better too! Sign Up for your own Video Analysis just like Bryce did and see for yourself what you can learn from a professional beach volleyball player.



Beach volleyball pro Mark Burik talks about Defense in this 1-on-1 video analysis...

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AVP Player Shows a Junior How to Win Beach Volleyball Tournaments


Here's a sample of Mark's 1 on 1 Video Analysis session with our junior member. Watch it and pick up valuable beach volleyball tips along the way to your tornament victory!


Our Complete Serve Receive course starts at the bottom and takes you all the way to the top. Whether you are a true beginner, or you've been playing for decades, this course will offer you a chance to build and re-build your basics and take the next jump. Take the time to follow the course and do the drills. We guarantee you are going to Get Better at Beach!

For a glorious immersive experience, sign up for one of our 7-day beach volleyball camps. Enjoy the beach and elite training with pro volleyball players. 

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How to Spike Better and Use Spacing to Win More Points in Beach Volleyball: An In Depth Course on Offensive Design

Some players put in hours of work so they can control the ball. While we can't negate the value of that, tons of points are lost simply because their offensive game is not designed properly. A beach volleyball point should have an intentional shape and all of the best beach volleyball players work hard after the first touch to put themselves in a position that makes a great spike more likely. 

It's not only the setter's responsibility to put the hitter in a good position. Great attackers put themselves in a position after the pass where it's easy to set them a perfect ball -- and if you'd like the most effective, fastest way to become the best setter on the beach, give our setting course a try!

When you have great footwork, and you religiously create a great distance relationship between yourself, your hitter, and the volleyball net, it becomes more likely that you will score points.

I want you to take special notice, that none of what I just...

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Beach Volleyball Drills: Scoring in Tough Situations


Today we've got a little transition setting and offensive decision-making drill to help your beach volleyball game.

We're going to show you what we did here on my side of the court. I'm coaching here, we have four zones - two zones in the sharp sidelines, and two zones in the deep corners. This is how I measure it out on the beach volleyball court.

Go to the deep corner of the court and take two giant steps along the sideline towards the net. Now, take one step into the court dragging your foot to make a line in the sand. Face the net again and drag your foot until you get to the volleyball net. You should have a big rectangle on the sideline that starts at the net and goes to about two thirds depth into the court. You should do the same thing on the other sideline. You'll be left with two rectangle zones along the sidelines that are about 20 feet long and 3 feet wide. These are your "sharp sideline" zones.

The deep corner zones should then be about 6 feet by 3 feet or 2...

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Beach Volleyball Training: Use This Game to Get Better at Peeling


What's up guys? It's Mark from VolleyCamp Hermosa.

Today we are doing a little warm-up drill. It's a two-touch drill to get better at peeling, but we've put lines to separate the front and back halves of the beach volleyball court.

If you go over on one touch, it needs to be in the front half of the court. If you go on the second touch, then it needs to be in the deep half of the court.

This is good because it gets our defenders footwork moving. Make sure that our defenders are protecting the short ball and then retreating to defense. This teaches our players that if you need to go over with a free ball, if we're in trouble we like to go deep because it puts the other team a little bit more off-balance

Anytime we put a short ball on two, it's not going to be to our advantage.



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Advanced Beach Volleyball Passing Concepts: Lift the ball


If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball serve receive and passing, you may want to take a look at our passing and serve receive course! And, now that the beaches are open again, we'd love to have you drop by one -- or more -- of our beach volleyball classes in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, or anywhere in the South Bay!

At every level in beach volleyball -- from BB to co-ed to the ball at your local bar to the finals of the AVP Manhattan Beach Open -- there is a common denominator among the winning teams: The team that passes better is most likely to win. You can hunt down every YouTube video you'd like, and you'll find the same result. The team that wins the passing battle wins the match. 

Today we're going to talk about height of the pass, and the importance of passing the ball higher, making sure that you're lifting the ball enough and getting your setter the time they need to give you the perfect set so that you can side out....

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