Rich Lambourne, Indoor Gold Medalist, Shares Some Beach Volleyball Knowledge

Feb 23, 2020


Today we introduce to you Olympic Gold Medalist and Beach Volleyball Super Coach, Rich Lambourne



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AVP & FIVB Beach Volleyball Highlights

Feb 20, 2020

Better at Beach presents a compilation of AVP and FIVB matches from the 2019 season featuring beach volleyball pros in action. 

Experience 93 awesome digs in less than 9 minutes.

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Pro Player Mark Burik Talks to Coach Donny on The Dig

Feb 19, 2020

Coach Donny Hui just interviewed beach volleyball pro Mark Burik on YouTube show, THE DIG.  Mark is a professional beach volleyball player (AVP and FIVB World Tours), an athletic performance trainer, entrepreneur, and beach volleyball coach, as founder of VolleyCamp Hermosa and Better at

“Learn about his Mark’s story of going from a serious baseball player, to picking up volleyball in college on a club team, to walking onto a Division 1 program, to becoming a professional volleyball player,” Coach Donny says. “Mark provides insights into his thought processes and work ethic that will inspire you to achieve your own goals!  Feel free to share this video with your friends to inspire them as well.”

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Transcript of The Dig #6 – Coach...

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Feb 16, 2020

Partner Toss Dig Cut Shot

This is a really easy drill that you can have any person, even if they have no volleyball experience feed, for you to execute and work it out. Watch the details on this video. Enjoy!



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You will receive live feedback on all aspects of the game from ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS! You can expect to be coached on strategy, mechanics, offensive and defensive systems, overall performance and execution, and decision making.


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Top 10 Beach Volleyball Vacation Destinations

Feb 13, 2020

When you love beach volleyball and you’re overdue for a vacation by the sea, might as well combine the two and make dreams come true. The best destinations deliver thrilling beach volleyball action and soul-satisfying scenery, which is one of the hallmarks of a great vacation. So where to go?

Beach volleyball can obviously be played anywhere you can find sand and a net. In the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, approximately 4,000 tons of sand were trucked into a 15,000-seat stadium for the beach volleyball event. But there’s nothing quite like a beach volleyball destination with a stunning ocean view.

If you’re going to take vacation time to play beach volleyball, might as well travel where the action is at its best and the scenery is most beautiful. With these goals in mind, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Beach Volleyball Destinations throughout the world. Each of these destinations offers the best beach volleyball you can find on the planet, amid gorgeous...

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Feb 09, 2020


Serve, Dig, Set, Retreat, Transition Drill

This is a good Partner or Coach on One drill.

In order to play defense, the server needs to serve to a specific spot, that way we can start getting into a game rhythm with only two people on the court.

We’re going to give our server a target and if they hit that target, they can come in, they're going to play defense once, and then set. The server would need to retreat after because that same ball will be returned back to them via an attack, and then it's a dig-set-hit. We got two hard-driven digs coming at the server.

Watch the video and enjoy!



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7 Deadly Sins of Hand Setting in Beach Volleyball

Feb 03, 2020

Hand setting the volleyball can be a challenge until you’ve mastered proper technique.

We clock a lot of hours every month coaching beach volleyball and it turns out there are 7 common mistakes players make again and again in their hand sets. Overcoming these 7 deadly sins on the court can make the difference between crushing a match or getting crushed. And nobody likes that.

To help, we’ve put together this video demonstrating the 7 deadly sins of volleyball hand setting, but more importantly, proper technique that puts you in charge of the volleyball – and ultimately the court. So don’t be the player with “dainty lady” hands, or a slapper. A balloon catcher. Or ol’ “crab hands.”

Be sure to check out our other beach volleyball training videos for coaching tips from pro volleyball players. Lots of good stuff to learn and review. You’ll find great volleyball drills and clear, entertaining explanations on how to do everything...

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Make Your One-Hand Digs AUTOMATIC!!! Beach Volleyball Tutorials

Feb 02, 2020


We’ll be training on our defensive moves and we're doing it in a very controlled way.

If you have a beginner, an older player, or somebody who's just not experienced diving, in order to protect their body but get them some lay down reps, you can put them on their knees to start this drill. As quickly as you can progress you want to get to full speed so you want somebody going from standing into a dive to make this play, but it's okay to warm up your touch and start your groundwork before a match or before a practice just to make sure that your touches stay clean and stay fresh.

There are four different techniques that we're going to use and you can go with whatever is the most comfortable for you;

  • Fist
  • Open Hand
  • Ice-Cream Cone
  • Flipper

Any hand formation that you use is really okay. It's just whatever you practice and get comfortable with. Practice a specific hand position for your outside digs and then get yourself running full speed.



Better at Beach...

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Men's Beach Volleyball 2020 Olympics Qualification Updates

Jan 28, 2020

Our friend Leo Keegan over at Beach Volleyball Update sent us his latest writeup of the beach volleyball Olympic updates and qualification standings for men. We are pleased to share this with you below.

With 6 months of Olympic qualifying remaining on the calendar, let's examine the Top 4 international men's teams. For reference the current Olympic ranking is as follows:


Anders Mol and Christian Sorum

The current Olympic ranking is led by superstars -- Norway's Anders Mol and Christian Sorum. These youngsters (Mol is 22 years old and Sorum is 24) are the team to beat. Mols/Sorum won 50% (7 of the 14 FIVB) events they played together in 2019.

In the highest pressure, biggest events, Mols/Sorum finished first twice (Gstaad and Vienna) and third twice (World Championships and World Tour Finals).

Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovskiy

Russians Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovskiy are second on the list. This team is also young; Oleg 23 is years old and Viacheslav...

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Women's Beach Volleyball FIVB and 2020 Olympic Qualification Updates

Jan 28, 2020

Our friend Leo Keegan over at Beach Volleyball Update sent us his latest writeup of the FIVB and beach volleyball Olympic updates and qualification standings for women, which we are pleased to share with you below.

The USA women are doing very well on the FIVB. In the Olympic qualification standings (shown below) there are 4 USA teams in the Top 10 of which 2 will qualify. Alix Klineman and April Ross hold the top slot by a large margin. However, the second slot is a tight race among three teams: Sarah Sponcil / Kelly Claes, Kerri Walsh-Jennings / Brooke Sweat and Kelley Larsen / Emily Stockman. The race has never been so competitive!

One of the reasons is the addition of Beach Volleyball as an NCAA sport. Check out this article, with an AVP focus, by Wayne Holly with a lot of statistics supporting this argument: (passed on from Ricky Pszenny): NCAA to PRO.

Now let's take a look at the top competition that the USA teams face in the beach volleyball Olympics. The top four teams hail...

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