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How to Pass A Volleyball - Basic Footwork and More



Did you read "How to Master Passing a Volleyball in Beach Volleyball" and still missing the basic footwork skills?

This is where we cover the 5 Basics steps to begin and move into more advanced situations that will have you moving like a pro in no time. 


Athletic Position and The Five Basics of Volleyball Footwork

  • Athletic Position
  • Lateral Steps
  • Lateral Lunges
  • Move 1 Move Both
  • Step-Shuffle 
  • Backpedal


The Athletic Position for Volleyball

 There is one posture that is common to almost all sports, and it’s called the athletic position. Regardless of the surface you compete on (sand, grass, hardwood, concrete), the athletic position is essentially a mandatory posture. Could be defense in basketball, preparing to field in baseball, or getting into serve receive in beach volleyball. 

I tell my players I coach to “Learn to live in a quarter squat! We are beach volleyball athletes...

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How to Master Passing a Volleyball - Beginner's Guide

How to Pass in Beach Volleyball and Know You're A Good Passer 


Why can I not get the volleyball to my partner every time? Do you constantly find yourself chasing down balls because your pass went clear into outer space? No need to fret.  We have you covered.   

Whether you are looking to perfect your passing or starting your volleyball adventures, mastering the volleyball pass is crucial if you want to get better at playing beach volleyball. We will be covering a few basics to get you started to becoming the best beach volleyball player you can be and passing like April Ross and Phil Dalhausser. 

While there are a few differences between passing for indoor volleyball and beach volleyball, we encourage everyone to use this information and add it to your arsenal. 

If you're interested in this blog on passing in beach volleyball, you may want to take a look at our Passing and Serve Receive Course in our Complete Player Program to really dive...

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Easily the most important part of the day when playing volleyball is making sure you hydrate! Whether training, playing for fun, or playing for keeps, keeping a cold bottle of water is vital in our sport!


This week’s Staff Picks are in and we are talking portable hydration stations…

That’s right, WATER BOTTLES!

We’ve selected a few of our top picks that keep your drinks cold (or warm for that morning coffee) for your next trip out to the courts!

So ditch the ole plastic jug and let us set you up with a water bottle you actually want to drink from!





HiDrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

Start tracking your water intake throughout the day! Stay on track with the LED sensor that reminds you to take your sips!

Comes in 17oz, 21oz, and 32oz for all your beach volleyball hydration needs,  




Iron Flask

4.8 stars from over 90k reviews says it all!

The value is...

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How to Master Spiking a Volleyball - Beginner's Guide




We all know that beach volleyball requires numerous sets of skills. A key component to the perfect regime is mastering your arm swing mechanics and approach footwork specifically for beach volleyball. Everyone wants to have that sweet volleyball SPIKE!

Are you willing to do the work to obtain it?

We will briefly cover:

 1. Arm Swing Mechanics

2. Proper Approach and Timing Footwork





Everyone wants to bounce balls and score points all while the crowd goes wild. So, how does one do this…By having the proper arm swing mechanics to spike a volleyball. 

Setting up for the proper Arm Swing involves a few major points. 


The Bow and Arrow Positioning  - 

For the right handed hitters, you want the left arm reaching high as the right arm goes straight up and pulls back immediately with the elbow along the same line as the shoulder girdle and the arm relaxed in...

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Have a seat while we talk Staff Picks this week!


The beach is supposed to be relaxing right?!

One bump on the road to relaxation station is having a great beach chair! Components that break, liners that rip, uncomfortable material, and super bulky designs are a few reasons why people get irritated before even getting the chance to sit down and relax in the sand!


Our staff picks this week are here to help you find a quality beach volleyball chair based on your specific needs!


Whether it is ease of carrying, portable sized options, or mini cooler attachments to stay refreshed… we got you covered this week.



Top 3 Staff Picks…

Beach Chair Edition!







1) Sport-Brella Folding Backpack Beach Chair 


This chair is equipped with it all!


First, the 7.5lb backpack chair is constructed of waterproof nylon material which is sure to last in all kinds of weather! Conveniently located on the...

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It's all about the BOOM!

Summer is right around the corner and you don’t want to be left training/playing while trying to listen to music off of your phone, right?!

The question then is, “what kind of speaker should I get”?!

Whether you’re looking for something that can help you run a volleyball tournament or a nifty budget friendly option, we’ve got our favorites laid out for ya!


Check out our Staff Picks -

Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Volleyball Edition!




#1 - Sony SRS XP-700


Looking to own the beach?

This Sony SRS XP-700 Party speaker will provide your beach volleyball tournament, court, or even background with all the vibes. Front/rear speakers, mic input, 25 hr battery life, LED lights, charge port for cell phones, and can party connect with up to 100 other compatible speakers…don’t forget it’s splash resistant as well!

When volleyball players talk about bringing the...

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Volleyball Tips - Secrets to Hitting Better Cut Shots and High Lines in Beach Volleyball

Shot Placements in Beach Volleyball -

How to Hit Better Cut Shots and High Lines

Are you wanting the secrets to placing the perfect cut shots and high lines when you are playing beach volleyball? Do your defenders keep reading your position when you attack the ball? Are you finding yourself just a little frustrated and wanting to make some changes to improve your attacking in volleyball? 

Look no further! Here are some tips on how to hit those volleyball cut shots and high lines with ease and leave your defenders stunned in the sand. 


We will cover :

  • Proper Form 
  • Approach 
  • Speed of Contact
  • Hand Placement   
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practice Drills 

What is the proper form and approach?


Possessing the proper form and approach when trying to execute cut shots and high lines in beach volleyball is essential. Knowing hand placements, body positioning, and speed will help elevate your game to a higher level.  

When setting up to...

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Everything you NEED to know about Volleyball and Volleyball Rules

Indoor and Beach Volleyball Rules

“Why so angry? It’s just the rules, man.”  Ever had this conversation on the volleyball court? Nothing can get heated more than an argument on the court about rules.  To make sure you do not experience this, we have compiled a condensed version of volleyball rules.  


 Time to Dive In...





There is a maximum of three touches in volleyball and you want to get all three touches.  You want to get one pass that controls the ball for your team, then your setter is designed to set the third touch up for a jump and a spike.

Who is the setter? In indoor volleyball, you have a designated setter, but in beach volleyball everyone is a setter because there are only two people.  If you are playing with a few people that are sending the ball back and forth with one or two touches, you are not going to be effective. You should always encourage the...

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Everything You Need To Know About Volleyball Courts

Volleyball Courts : Net Heights and More!

Have you ever been playing volleyball and looked around and thought, “This court seems too big?” or had that game winning point paint the back line and you just KNOW there was no way that was possible? They must have the volleyball court dimensions wrong, right?? Well, to make sure you have that vital information, let’s talk about the court dimensions and volleyball net heights. 


Want to hear/see Mark and Brandon explain all this? Check out our Everything You Need To Know About Volleyball Courts video!


What ARE the correct dimensions of the volleyball court? 


Contrary to popular belief, size DOES matter, especially in volleyball. Let’s start with the big court commonly used in indoor volleyball or, if we are on the beach, where we would see 6s and 4s. The dimensions you are going to use are 9m by 9m or 29ft 6in by 29ft 6in.  This will be the perfect playing setup for...

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The EASY and SIMPLE Way to Fix Your Passing in Volleyball

If you are still struggling with your passing, keep reading!

If you are still struggling with passing in volleyball, we have an easy fix for you, and all it has to do with is the shape of your body! 


Good posture is overrated... hunch your shoulders!

Get into a good, athletic posture with your hands on your knees. Now just let your hands drop off your knees, hanging in front of you. Keep your shoulders rounded forward, almost hunching your back. Now tuck your bottom rib under a little more by flexing your abs, like you are doing a crunch or rounding out your back even more. This is the shape that you should try to maintain throughout your whole pass, and you need to fight to keep this shape throughout the process of the pass! Passing in volleyball is not easy, but working extra hard to maintain this shape when you are not touching the ball will make your actual touch on the ball a little bit easier.


Want to see it in action?

Want to see what this passing...

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