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Beach Volleyball Camp Pro-Am highlights Volleyball Vacation in Florida

If there are two major movements taking over the beach volleyball world, they are this: Beach volleyball camps (or beach volleyball vacations, whichever you'd like to call them), and four-on-four beach volleyball. 

In St. Petersburg, Florida, Better at Beach combined them. 

Better at Beach has been hosting camps outside of California for nearly two years now. Once known as VolleyCamp Hermosa, that would be a giant misnomer now, seeing as the camps have taken place in everywhere from snowy Salt Lake City to hot and humid St. Petersburg to the cool and chic San Francisco. 

These beach volleyball camps are rare -- increasingly less rare -- opportunities for beach volleyball fans to get a taste of everything that's beautiful about this sport: the beach lifestyle, competition, social connections, community, rubbing elbows (literally) with AVP professionals, improvement, and, blessedly, a week off work. 

Beach Volleyball Camp Pro-Am

To cap a fantastic week in St....

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How to Get Recruited for NCAA Beach Volleyball: Reaching out to Coaches

You’re a budding beach volleyball player, a promising prospect to NCAA beach volleyball coaches all around the country. You’ve identified roughly 20 schools for which you could see yourself competing -- five reach schools, 10 target, five safety.

Now what?

How do you get the attention of NCAA beach volleyball coaches?

What’s the next step in the NCAA beach volleyball recruiting process?

“Now it’s time to send an introductory email to every single coach on your list,” Better at Beach coach Jo Kremer said.

She should know. Kremer competed for the dynastic program that is USC, where she won three National Championships under Anna Collier and is now competing on the AVP Tour as a professional.

“I know that might sound like a lot of work,” Kremer said, “but if you want to get recruited, you have to put the time in.”

Finding the emails of the coaches is simple, as they are all listed on the school’s staff directory. But...

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St. Petersburg to host five beach volleyball camps in the fall and winter!

With a sweep of gold medals in the Netherlands on Sunday afternoon – Troy Field and Miles Evans, and Delaney Mewhirter and Terese Cannon – off-season is, alas, upon the professional beach volleyball world.

But off-season also means something else: It’s camp season.

In less than two months, Better at Beach is returning to host its popular week-long camps, featuring a full team of professional coaches to help players of all levels, from beginner to open, have an unforgettable beach volleyball experience.

“Our camps are all about getting better and improving so we dedicate ourselves to coaching a lot,” AVP professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik said. “You get a lot of reps and a lot of touches. You can come to our beach volleyball camps wherever you are. If you’re a beginner, we’re going to put you on the beginner court. If you’re a B player, you’re going to be surrounded by B opponents. If you’re an open...

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VolleyCamp Hermosa Camper Shares Her Experience


We recently welcomed native Floridian Kelly Goncalves to the 7-day training camp at VolleyCamp Hermosa. Based on her review, Kelly had a blast. She blogged about her experience and was kind enough to share her thoughts with us, published below with her permission.

By Kelly Goncalves

Traveling to California is an adventure regardless of where you go. The rumors are true, the weather really is perfect all the time and the traffic is terrible all the time. I didn't rent a car and lived by the beach for eight days during my stay and I recommend you do the same. Hermosa Beach is an hour bike ride south of Venice beach. It's a smoke-free beach with miles on end of beautiful deep sand, high waves, and plenty of volleyball courts to share. Bring your own ball and make some new friends there is always someone playing.

In late August I flew out to the West Coast to watch the AVP games and attend a 7-day training camp.

Since writing this post, the training camp has added a...

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Top 10 Beach Volleyball Vacation Destinations


When you love beach volleyball and you’re overdue for a vacation by the sea, might as well combine the two and make dreams come true. The best destinations deliver thrilling beach volleyball action and soul-satisfying scenery, which is one of the hallmarks of a great vacation. So where to go?

Beach volleyball can obviously be played anywhere you can find sand and a net. In the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, approximately 4,000 tons of sand were trucked into a 15,000-seat stadium for the beach volleyball event. But there’s nothing quite like a beach volleyball destination with a stunning ocean view.

If you’re going to take vacation time to play beach volleyball, might as well travel where the action is at its best and the scenery is most beautiful. With these goals in mind, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Beach Volleyball Destinations throughout the world. Each of these destinations offers the best beach volleyball you can find on the planet,...

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Pro Player Mark Burik Talks to Coach Donny on The Dig


Coach Donny Hui just interviewed beach volleyball pro Mark Burik on YouTube show, THE DIG.  Mark is a professional beach volleyball player (AVP and FIVB World Tours), an athletic performance trainer, entrepreneur, and beach volleyball coach, as founder of Better at Beach Volleyball.

“Learn about Mark’s story of going from a serious baseball player, to picking up volleyball in college on a club team, to walking onto a Division 1 program, to becoming a professional volleyball player,” Coach Donny says. “Mark provides insights into his thought processes and work ethic that will inspire you to achieve your own goals!  Feel free to share this video with your friends to inspire them as well.”

Take it to the next level: Learn about our 7-day beach volleyball training camps.

We also have awesome online training tools and eBooks to elevate your game into greatness.

Transcript of The Dig #6 – Coach Donny’s interview with...

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Salt Lake City Better at Beach Camp: The beach volleyball sanctuary

Three years ago, Victor Fitch was, in his own words, “a strung out drug addict.” Weeks away from being homeless, from losing all contact with his son, Fitch enrolled into a treatment program. We hear of the 12 step recovery process often.

It’s rare that we hear volleyball is one of them.

In his treatment program, Fitch discovered a love and passion for volleyball. It’s a sport he describes as “church, it’s my connection to the sober community and a huge outlet.”

Last week, at a Better at Beach camp in Salt Lake City, Fitch was given the opportunity to take a week off of his job at Netflix and, well, go to church.

From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Fitch was playing volleyball.

Many in the beach volleyball community have heard of VolleyCamp Hermosa, which is exactly what it sounds like it is: a beach volleyball camp in Hermosa Beach. But the company, founded and expanded by longtime professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik, rebranded,...

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"I would love to qualify for an AVP!": Brandon Joyner


My name is Brandon Joyner. I'm from Chester Virginia and I've been coaching for VolleyCamp Hermosa since October of 2018.

I started playing when I was a junior in high school. I then went to George Mason University after that I was lucky enough to go play professionally overseas for two seasons, and switched over to beach volleyball where I played on the NVL for five years. Now I'm currently still playing on the AVP.

I got connected with VolleyCamp Hermosa by knowing Mark in college. The last couple years I've been hinting that I wanted to come out and finally, he gave me the push and the okay, and now that I'm out here I'm very excited to be working with him again. 

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I like coaching for VolleyCamp Hermosa because it really does feel like a family. I come out here every single day and I know that I'm going to...

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