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How to Get Recruited for NCAA Beach Volleyball: Reaching out to Coaches

You’re a budding beach volleyball player, a promising prospect to NCAA beach volleyball coaches all around the country. You’ve identified roughly 20 schools for which you could see yourself competing -- five reach schools, 10 target, five safety.

Now what?

How do you get the attention of NCAA beach volleyball coaches?

What’s the next step in the NCAA beach volleyball recruiting process?

“Now it’s time to send an introductory email to every single coach on your list,” Better at Beach coach Jo Kremer said.

She should know. Kremer competed for the dynastic program that is USC, where she won three National Championships under Anna Collier and is now competing on the AVP Tour as a professional.

“I know that might sound like a lot of work,” Kremer said, “but if you want to get recruited, you have to put the time in.”

Finding the emails of the coaches is simple, as they are all listed on the school’s staff directory. But what do you put in your initial email?   

Reaching out to NCAA Beach Volleyball Coaches

What’s crucial to keep in mind in your initial email -- and every email thereafter -- is how busy NCAA beach volleyball coaches are. If they’re in season, that means they’re leading 20 hours of practices per week, meeting with their athletes, arranging bus and flight plans, coordinating with trainers, preparing for matches and tournaments, with very little free time in between. If they’re in the off-season, they’re crisscrossing the country recruiting players like you. They won’t have time for a lengthy novel, detailing the history of your beach volleyball career.

What they have time for is “a clear and concise email,” Kremer said. “You don’t need to give them your history. Just include why you’re interested, and a few key stats about yourself.”

Generally, you should include your graduation year, what position you play, your high school and club name, GPA, ACT and SAT test scores if you have them, any awards you’ve received, your contact information, and the contact information of your coaches. And remember: The coaches are busy. Busy enough that they might not even read to the bottom of the email. So put your most impressive stats up top, where they are most likely to see them.

The same rule applies for your highlight and skills videos: The best clips go first. Even if your highlight video is in the sweet spot of 3-5 minutes -- do your best to never exceed five minutes -- you should still frontload the best clips in the first 30 seconds, because that might be all the coach has time to watch. 

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What to include in your beach volleyball highlight video

When making your highlight video, don’t fuss over graphics or music -- most NCAA beach volleyball coaches won’t even watch with the volume on. Just include the best game footage you have and let it roll.

Keeping with the theme of these NCAA beach volleyball coaches being busy, don’t worry or stress over the fact if they haven’t responded to you. They probably won’t. Not at first, anyway.

“Sending one email is not enough,” Kremer said. “You’re probably going to have to send the same email to them two or three times. If you don’t get a response, call and leave a voicemail, tell them when you’ll call again, and keep following up.

“Coaches are super busy and you have to put in time if they’re going to notice you. There’s nothing wrong with you if they don’t respond right away, they’re just busy. They’re not going to think it’s weird if you reach out 10, 20 or even 30 times.”

NCAA beach volleyball coaches are like any other person you know: They enjoy being sought after. They like it when their school, their program, is desired. So keep reaching out, and make your emails personal. Let them know why their school is the optimal place for you to continue your beach volleyball journey, and make it specific.

Maybe it’s the ball control, creative style that Stein Metzger encourages at UCLA.

Maybe it’s the historical dominance of a program like USC.

Maybe it’s the underdog mentality, and player growth, that has become the signature of LSU.

Maybe it’s the small campus vibe of Pepperdine, or the international flavor of FIU.

Whatever it may be, make your email specific and personalized to every school you reach out to.

“Coaches want to spend time recruiting kids who are genuinely interested in their program so they don’t waste their time and resources,” Kremer said.

So don’t waste any more time reading this. Pull up your email and start writing.


How to get recruited for NCAA Beach Volleyball
Beginning the NCAA Beach Volleyball recruiting process

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