Digging Deeper: The Meaning and Community of Beach Volleyball

Why do we play volleyball?

Why do we need it in our lives?

Does it hold much more meaning that just a ball, net, and sand?

What brings us to this sport and what keeps us going?

Beach volleyball is a sport that has captured the hearts of many. It's not just about hitting the ball over the net, but about the sense of community that comes with playing it. Whether you're playing competitively or casually, it brings people together in a way that few other sports can.

Beach Volleyball - The Meaning Behind the Ball

Some people find volleyball by way of friends and a social community and fall in love with the comraderie. Others find it early on, dive head first and strive to become the best on the circuit.  No matter what level of play, the seriousness of the competition, or the bad calls by refs, this sport brings us together.  It offers a home to those that crave four walls of wind, sand, tears, and sweat. It offers friendship to some that were battling depression and loneliness at the highest stakes.  Volleyball offers more than meets the eye.  It offers heart and soul.  


Better at Beach - The Experience of a Lifetime

Most of you that have attended a camp, know me, by now. My name is Krystle and I've had the honor and privledge to not only enjoy and compete in this incredible sport, but I have the blessing of meeting and getting to form friendships with so many that have come down the same path. 

Better at Beach camps have been a pivotal moment for myself and a passion filled excursion as part of the operation's team.  I have high fived more people than I can count after successfully completing their level tests, and these moments truly leave an imprint from those sandy smiles and great big hugs. We have danced on the courts to Chaddy Daddy's best hits during the warmups and found my handshake partner from afar.

I have listened to individual journeys that make my heart swell with pride. Knowing each person chooses to get up each day and fight for something they believe in. I have joined in celebrating the wins and losses of each grueling moment. I have also sat in the sand after long days of training and listened to the personal battles, some face on the daily.  The tears cried, the long hugs, and the tight embrace of friendship is something that can only be measured in the forces we cannot see.  THIS is why we play volleyball.  THIS is why we love this sport.  THIS is community. 


YouTube Tutorials - The Place it All Begins

When we search for ways to improve our game and we find a community of people that hold us high, we know we have found the right place.  From the one-on-one meetings to give personal feedback for individual games, to the Complete Player Program groups where all can challenge each other to....Get Better, Better at Beach is where we find our volleyball home.

I know this isn't our typical informative blog, but I wanted everyone to know that you are seen, heard, and loved, not only through volleyball, but in life.  Better at Beach Volleyball is a family and we are grateful to each of you that entrust us with your journeys.  

Happy Digs and Dives!

- Krystle Lee-Ritterhouse


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