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A Journey to Sobriety and the Power of Community in Volleyball

Feb 13, 2023

 A Player's Experience with Better at Beach

 Three years ago, Victor Fitch was, in his own words, “a strung out drug addict.” Weeks away from being homeless, from losing all contact with his son, Fitch enrolled into a treatment program. We hear of the 12 step recovery process often.

It’s rare that we hear volleyball is one of them.


The Transformative Power of Community and Volleyball

Victor Fitch's journey to sobriety was not an easy one, but he found hope and a new passion through his treatment program. In the program, he discovered a love for beach volleyball, which he describes as "church" and a connection to the sober community.  He was given the opportunity to attend Better at Beach, a volleyball camp aimed at improving players of all levels, and he took it. 

At Better at Beach, Victor was able to spend a week playing volleyball from sun-up to sun down. The camp attracted players from all over the world, including Laila, a Moroccan native living in San Francisco who wanted to expedite her improvement, and Evan, a natural athlete who came to lose weight and ended up becoming the most improved server at the camp.

The Better at Beach camp was held at SandBar SLC, a five-court indoor beach volleyball facility, and each day was broken up into a morning and afternoon session with opportunities for private lessons and open play. The focus was on improving one or two skills per day, and players like Laila and Evan saw significant improvement by the end of the week.


Better at Beach Volleyball Camps are now located in the incredible St Pete Beach, Florida.  

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Better at Beach is different from other beach volleyball vacations in that the primary focus is on improving players' skills, rather than just playing and having fun. The campers at Better at Beach also had the opportunity to build a community with others who shared their passion for beach volleyball, and left with a new appreciation for the sport and their own improvement.


The Life Changing Experience at Better at Beach Volleyball Camp

During Fitch's journey he found support and strength in the beach volleyball community. The sport became his outlet, his connection to community, and a source of joy and fulfillment. He was inspired by the sense of camaraderie and belonging he found at the beach volleyball camps, and found that the sport helped him to stay focused on his recovery.

In these camps, Fitch met people from all over the world who shared his passion for beach volleyball, and he was able to form meaningful relationships with others who understood the challenges he was facing. He found that these relationships provided him with the motivation and support he needed.

The beach volleyball community also gave Fitch a sense of purpose. He found that playing the sport allowed him to express himself in a positive way, and that the focus on improvement and growth helped him to stay motivated and engaged. He was able to set new goals for himself and was inspired by the progress he saw in others.


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Through his experiences in the beach volleyball community, Fitch learned the importance of being part of a supportive and positive community. He discovered that the love and support he received from others was crucial in helping him to find happiness and purpose in life.

In conclusion, Fitch's story is a testament to the power of community and the positive impact that sports and recreational activities can have on our lives. Whether it's beach volleyball, or any other sport, connecting with others and finding a sense of belonging can help us to overcome the challenges we face and find meaning and purpose in life. So, let us embrace the power of community and find our own source of joy and fulfillment in this world.


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