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Beach Volleyball Camp Pro-Am highlights Volleyball Vacation in Florida

If there are two major movements taking over the beach volleyball world, they are this: Beach volleyball camps (or beach volleyball vacations, whichever you'd like to call them), and four-on-four beach volleyball. 

In St. Petersburg, Florida, Better at Beach combined them. 

Better at Beach has been hosting camps outside of California for nearly two years now. Once known as VolleyCamp Hermosa, that would be a giant misnomer now, seeing as the camps have taken place in everywhere from snowy Salt Lake City to hot and humid St. Petersburg to the cool and chic San Francisco. 

These beach volleyball camps are rare -- increasingly less rare -- opportunities for beach volleyball fans to get a taste of everything that's beautiful about this sport: the beach lifestyle, competition, social connections, community, rubbing elbows (literally) with AVP professionals, improvement, and, blessedly, a week off work. 

Beach Volleyball Camp Pro-Am

To cap a fantastic week in St. Petersburg, Better at Beach hosted a fun and whimsical four-on-four beach volleyball match. Each team featured a pair of professional players who were coaching the camp, so individuals could hit sets from JM Plummer, watch Evan Cory bounce balls, get roofed by Brandon Joyner or dug by Allie Denny.  

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These are some of our favorite moments at our beach volleyball camps, where we are combining everything we learned throughout the week with a little competition, a lot of fun, and maybe a few beverages. 

If you'd like to host a clinic, or sign up for one of our upcoming beach volleyball camps, we'd love to have you! We have beach volleyball camps scheduled in Salt Lake City (February 19), Ohio (March 12), and Missouri (March 26), with half a dozen available dates. 


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