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Beach Volleyball Blocking Calls 101

Learn What All of the Blocking Calls Mean

If you haven't already checked out the McKibbin brothers video tutorials, do it. They have some really great video tutorials on pretty much every aspect of the sport on their Youtube channel.  A while back, they came out with this fantastic video on blocking, which includes beach volleyball blocking signals and what to do as a blocker!  However, keep in mind that practicing with great coaches is the quickest way to get better.  We have some great coaches, so head to our classes page to start improving today!

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Beach Volleyball Tutorial: Ball Control Obstacle Course Challenge!

If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball serve receive and passing, you may want to take a look at our passing and serve receive course! And, now that the beaches are open again, we'd love to have you drop by one -- or more -- of our beach volleyball classes in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, or anywhere in the South Bay!

Ball control, we admit, can be on the boring side when it comes to beach volleyball drills. It isn't going to draw the attention of a big swing or bounce, doesn't lead to any direct kills, and won't be found anywhere on social media. But it's the foundation upon which a beach volleyball player's success, and skill set, is built. 

And, yes, there are fun ways to practice ball control. It's why we invent little challenges like the one below. Enjoy, get better this week, and Make Ball Control Fun Again! 

4 Quadrant Drill for ball control in beach volleyball 

How to do the drill: The first element of the four...

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Beach Volleyball Advanced Passing Tutorial: How soon should I put my hands together in serve receive?

If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball serve receive and passing, you may want to take a look at our passing and serve receive course! And, now that the beaches are open again, we'd love to have you drop by one -- or more -- of our beach volleyball classes in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, or anywhere in the South Bay!

One of the trickier elements of serve receive is the timing of your platform: When do you put your hands together to form your platform? Every player has his or her own technique. Watch a video of John Mayer, an AVP champion and former MVP and now the head coach at LMU, and he puts his hands together before the serve. Watch Kim Hildreth and Sarah Schermerhorn, AVP finalists at Austin in 2019, and their arms are wide as can be, like birds of prey, until virtually the last possible moment. 

Point is: Everyone is different. It's mostly a comfort thing. However, we do have our recommendations here at Better at Beach. As...

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Every drill you need to become the best beach volleyball setter


If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball setting, you may also want to check out our comprehensive setting course! You may also want to take a look at our beach volleyball classes in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach or the South Bay!

This is a long blog. But it's long because it's comprehensive: If you want to learn how to set a volleyball, this is the blog for you. You don't have to read it all in one sitting -- or two or three. It'll be here for as long as we have the internet, so take your time. 

In this blog, you'll find any drill you could possibly need to become a better setter on the beach. You'll find drills to do on your own, drills with a partner, drills with other teams, drills with lots of other teams. You'll find drills for bump setting and drills for hand setting. You'll see videos that will help you to determine when it is more advisable to bump set and when it may be better to let the nectar flow. 

If you're looking to...

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Beach Volleyball Setting | How to set series | How far from the net is the perfect set?

If you're interested in this blog on setting in beach volleyball, you may want to check out our comprehensive online setting course, which will get you setting the nectar (or butter or sauce or juicy McNugget, whatever you want to call it) in no time.  

Beach volleyball partners can argue a lot, but I'd like to save you a fight and teach you how to set and where the best players in the world prefer to get set. This video does look at some great players with big verticals and quick arms which means they can hit sets hard and down from far away. 

Most volleyball players try to overcome their lack of accuracy in their spikes by hitting hard. If you're a shorter player or you don't have a massive vertical jump, it can be frustrating to hit balls that aren't on top of the net because you never get the feeling of hitting down. 

In the video below, we show you examples where there is a big physical blocker at the net, which means tight sets will be gobbled up....

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How to Set a Volleyball: 9 keys to being an excellent setter in beach volleyball


If you're looking to learn how to be one of the best setters in beach volleyball, you've come to the right place! At Better at Beach, headquartered in Hermosa Beach, CA we run beach volleyball setting drills every day! And if you'd like to enroll in our online setting course, you can do that year-round, day in and day out, partner or no partner. 

However, you don't have to wait for one of our beach volleyball classes to start learning the fundamentals. We mainly teach sand volleyball but if you play indoor volleyball, fear not! The principles and drills are almost exactly the same for bump setting and hand setting in the two sports. 

Yes, the first thing nearly every coach preaches is pass first, pass first, pass first. There’s a reason for that: Every single offensive action you could possibly take, whether in serve receive or defense or waiting for the beloved free ball, begins with the pass.

Yet it’s the second – and likely most underrated...

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How to set in beach volleyball: A comprehensive study on the art of setting


If you're interested in this blog on beach volleyball setting, you may want to consider our comprehensive course on setting in beach volleyball. We promise that you'll be setting the nectar in no time, and that your partner will love you for it!

Bump setting in beach volleyball is a skill that should come pretty naturally if you learn how to pass before learning how to set; they use most of the same keys and technique. There are a few slight differences, but as long as you keep a few keys in mind it should be a quick learn.


1. Platform straight and hands together - This is a technique that should be the exact same as passing in beach volleyball. It is important that you hold your hand tight and keep your arms straight throughout the entire process of the set, just as you would the pass.

2. Net foot forward - When approaching the ball to set, you should think about getting your net foot forward. The reason we say ‘net foot’ is because throughout a play you...

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Basic Setting Drill: Pass Set Set Set Catch


Guess what everyone? The beaches are open! I repeat: The beaches are open! Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Huntington Beach, Redondo Beach -- yep, all open. You can put up a volleyball net anywhere you want. Good news, however: For this beach volleyball drill, you don't need a net. You don't even need two full teams, though it certainly wouldn't hurt. 

All you need to become a better setter in beach volleyball is a ball, an open mind ready to learn, and a partner. The more the merrier, of course, but for now, two will do just fine -- and you're not even breaking any old Covid-19 rules if you keep it to within the people in your household. Everyone wins. 

If you'd like to become an expert setter in beach volleyball faster, consider enrolling in our setting course. And if you'd like the strength to be able to set as well as possible, consider trying out our 60-day strength and conditioning program!

 Here is a Basic Setting Drill for all you coaches and players....

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Seven deadly sins of hand setting in beach volleyball


Hand setting in beach volleyball can be a challenge until you’ve mastered proper technique.

We clock a lot of hours every month coaching beach volleyball. What we have found is that there are seven common mistakes players make that are limiting them as hand setters. Overcoming these seven deadly sins on the court can make the difference between crushing a match or getting crushed. Nobody wants to get crushed. 

If you're looking to improving your hand setting on the beach as fast as possible, try out our course on setting!

To help, we’ve put together this video demonstrating the seven deadly sins of hand setting in beach volleyball, but more importantly, proper technique that puts you in charge of the volleyball – and ultimately the court. So don’t be the player with “dainty lady” hands, or a slapper. A balloon catcher. Or ol’ “crab hands.”

Be sure to check out our other beach volleyball training videos for coaching...

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Spice Up Your Beach Volleyball Warm-Up with this Drill : Two-Touch Pepper


This is a challenging two touch pepper drill for beach volleyball. Dig to yourself, look for your partner's sign and hit at either the high or low sign. Two touches. Dig. Look for the sign. Hit to the sign.

Hey guys, I'm Mark. I'm Brandon. We're here with Better at Beach and we are here to bring you our serve receive course. Our serve receive course has 19 full on video lessons for getting you better at serve receive. It takes you from the very beginning, the very basics and all the way up into advanced professional beach volleyball techniques that you're going to need to win a world tour event. So if you're a beginner and you're looking to just get some fundamentals, this is for you. If you are a current professional beach volleyball player and you're looking for great reminders and new techniques to be able to bump your passing up, this is for you. I know that we've had some struggles in our careers with serve receive. This is something that I wish I had. Serve receive...

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