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Volleyball Quiz Part 2! How Well Can You Read the Attacker? We Made it Tougher!

Oct 25, 2021

Alright, alright, we get it: Our first defensive quiz was too easy. The players were making it too obvious if they were hitting or shooting. Or maybe y’all are just that good at beach volleyball, reading hitters, making the right plays.

Either way: We’re upping the difficulty for our second beach volleyball defensive quiz. No longer is this quiz just a -- pretty easy -- guess on whether the opponent is attacking or shooting. Now, you have to identify not only if they’re hitting or shooting, but where they are hitting or shooting: hard cross, cut shot, or high line. 

Little tougher, huh?

That's beach volleyball. 

Tips on reading the hitter in beach volleyball

“Some things I want you to keep in mind while you’re watching this and reading what the attacker is doing on the other side is, first off: What does their approach look like? If their approach is quick and powerful, then more than likely that is going to be an attack,” AVP professional beach volleyball player Brandon Joyner said. “If their approach is very slow and almost a little lazy, then that might be an opportunity that they’re shooting. I want you to watch their approach footwork and their speed to see if they’re swinging or shooting.

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Then the next part I want you focusing on is what is their elbow doing when they’re hitting? If it stays back, more than likely than is going to be a hard hit. If it comes forward, more than likely it is going to be a shot. I want you to start picking up on those cues.”

Let us know how you did in the comments, either on our Instagram, YouTube Channel, or here!

Good luck!


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