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I Totally Get It!

With restrictions on court use and no in-person camps, it feels like we're stuck doing nothing.


But this isn't the time to let all the hard work you've put in go to waste!

Because, guess what? The competition isn't. 


They're out there finding ways to get in better shape, improve verticals, and master digs.


I've Got Your Back


If you're here right now, I know you love the game and it's probably killing you that we can't go out and train like we used to.


Some people are choosing to let this pandemic be the excuse they need to fall behind.

I Know That's Not You!



What If There Was A Way To Get LIVE Training Even Without A Gym Or Court...

A program for ALL skill levels where you get real live coaching, working through a proven plan, and a whole community training side by side with you the entire time.

And Best Of All, You Can Even Do It At Home If That's Your Only Option

We're SO Excited 

This program has been in the works for a while, and we're finally able to share it with our whole Community!

Get Ready For


Your LIVE Online Training Program

This complete defensive mastery program is guaranteed to help you with:


Get the most important strength and agility exercises for defenders, and ball control drills you can do anywhere, anytime.

Unlock defensive footwork for every play and type of dig. And get insider tips so you know where to stand in every situation, and how to make hitters hit to you.


Develop great arm swing technique, and add velocity and accuracy to your serve. Learn how to jump spike serve, how to jump float serve, and when to use them. Neutralize great passers and big hitters, master serve angles that make the other team's attacks easier to dig, and learn to use the wind to your advantage.


Learn how to protect the net, even when you're not a blocker.

Protect more court by jumping higher, build explosive lower body strength, and learn how to time your blocks for different attackers.

Get block and peel defense strategies that WORK no matter your size. 

Here's How It Works:


18 Weeks of Training

  • Get immediate access to the video training library
  • 3 distinct programs bundled together (Serving, Defending, Blocking)
  • Meet with your coach LIVE twice a week on Zoom
  • Skills, Drills, and Strategy Training Videos. We give you the daily drills!
  • Train at a Facility or at Home. Your Choice! 
  • Connect with the Community in an Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Get live feedback when you post your videos doing the drills
  • Be prepared to wow everyone with your insane progress when you're back on the court
  • Plus, get access to all our programs inside Elite Tribe

Which Of These Results Do YOU Want?

Brandon J.

"I can feel my body changing. I can see it too. I can just move through the sand with big strong steps and every move is just easier. All that AND my knee pain has disappeared"

Joe L.

"I don't know if I told you this but I had a pretty serious spine injury a few years ago. It healed alright but I've had to take ibuprofen like M&M's ever since. I'm in my 5th week of your program and for the first time in almost a decade I'm not hurting when I wake up and I haven't needed anti-inflammatories. THIS ROUTINE HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER!"

Bryson S.

"I started playing beach this summer with some friends as a way to get out during quarantine. Your courses have been super helpful on getting me started! We're all beginners but now we have some simple drills to do and it's totally helping. Much love to the channel, the site and the courses dude"

Monica M.

"I gotta say that I'm enjoying this training so much! I have been so desperate for volleyball coaching since I started playing (at 28 year old and now 34). I never really progressed in all those years. I found the Better at Beach YouTube channel THIS SUMER and felt unlocked, if that makes sense. Just wanted to express my gratitude especially during this grim time. My state is in lockdown, so I don't have access to the volleyball bar anymore. But we make it work, right? I'm super pumped to be on this trek with you all!"


"I have been struggling with consistency in my serve for ages. Tired tossing higher, lower, tow handed, tried wall traps, various steps or stances to find a way that would work. It remained my weakness in my game. I watched {This} on the bus before an afternoon of 2v2 session and I probably missed 3/100 serves - I am SO happy! This is super simple, straight forward, well explained and easy. Thank you for this channel, also I love that you guys add personality to your videos, you made it really fun and entertaining to watch while delivering great value."


"Of all the coaching I have had, Mark is far and above the best. He breaks down instructions in easy to follow directions and gives great feedback without being overwhelming. The best part of having him as a coach is how fast my game has improved. With game play scenarios at the end of each lesson I see my through process adjusting. Smarter playing and improved technique have changed my weekend games and allowed me to last longer in competitive games.

Meet Your Coach 

Hi, my name is Mark Burik!

I've been playing volleyball professionally for 13 years, and have been ranked in the top 100 beach players in the world. 

In 2019 I had the honor of competing in beach volleyball for Team USA at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. 

I’ve founded 4 different successful fitness and sport related companies that focused on personal fitness training. And one of the greatest privileges I've had has been coaching athletes in more than 10 countries. 

Through these companies and after working with thousands of athletes, I'm so fired up to bring a training program to you that can be done at home, no matter what level your experience is. 

And I'm here to guide you every step of the way!

I can't wait to see your incredible results.

As Featured In

As Featured In

Check Out How This 3-Part Program Will Supercharge Your Serving, Defending, and Blocking & Peeling

This Is Your Time To Shine


My goal is to make this program available to anyone who wants a super effective training program. No matter where they can train.


This time of year we'd normally run training camps where you'd get all the same coaching included in the Ultimate Defender, but condensed into a week. With flight and hotel, those are over $2,000. 


This pandemic has been rough for athletes like us. We can't get out to do what we love.


I'm determined to help each and every one of you come out of this pandemic better, faster, and more agile than before. 


We've taken the Ultimate Defender program from 2 years ago, and perfected it so its do-able even in a pandemic


The Ultimate Defender program is normally $897, and any other time I offer it, that's what the price will be. 

But not today! 

When you sign up for the Elite Tribe membership, you'll get the Ultimate Defender program and so much more for just $19/week!

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Great for ALL skill levels

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You're about to receive a professionally designed 18-week program, and we'll give you a full month to test it out. If for any reason you're not thrilled with the results, we'll refund your investment.


This Training Works!

Check out some of our championship-winning alumni players!

It's Time To Make A Choice

So what'll it be? Netflix and chill for the rest of the pandemic, OR

Join our community as we...






When you look back at how you spent the off season and what you did to become a better athlete, I want you to honestly be able to say. "I gave it my all and it paid off!".

Make The Decision Right Now 



Answers To Some Common Questions:

Join The Ultimate Defender Program Now!


Great for ALL player skill levels

Join Elite Tribe Now to Get Ultimate Defender