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Play better defense!

Effective defensive positioning!

Read the game better and trick hitters!

Improve your reaction time & game speed!

High-level strategies!

Years of training and collaboration with the best beach volleyball players and coaches on the planet come together with a vetted and proven program that gets real results!


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Develop great arm swing technique, and add velocity and accuracy to your serve. Learn how to jump spike serve, how to jump float serve, and when to use them.

Neutralize great passers and big hitters, master serve angles that make the other team's attacks easier to dig, and learn to use the wind to your advantage.


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Get the most important strength and agility exercises for defenders, and ball control drills you can do anywhere, anytime.

Unlock defensive footwork for every play and type of dig. And get insider tips so you know where to stand in every situation, and how to make hitters hit to you.

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Blocking & Peeling

Learn how to protect the net, even when you're not a blocker.

Protect more court by jumping higher, build explosive lower body strength, and learn how to time your blocks for different attackers.

Get block and peel defense strategies that WORK no matter your size. 

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What's Included In the Ultimate Defender Course ...

Lesson #1

Pre-Testing & Fitness Recommendations

  • Best Warm Up Ever!
  • 3 Essential Stretches & Must Do Exercises for Beach Volleyball
  • Exercises that Build Speed & Agility
Lesson #2

Defensive Posture and Stance

  • Footwork Drill & Defensive Positioning
  • Balance in Defensive Stance
  • Proper Passing Posture
Lesson #3

How to Play Without a Blocker

  • How to Play Defense if You're Not a Blocker
  • Tips & Defensive Positioning Mistakes
  • Who Should Pick Up the Short Shot
Lesson #4

Basic Positioning

  • Line Block: Base Positioning & Responsibilities
  • Cross Block: Base Positioning & Responsibilities
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Beach Volleyball
Lesson #5

Forearm Digging, Overhand / High Hands Digging

  • Forearm Digging 101
  • Overhand Defense
  • Common Digging Mistakes & How to Fix Them
  • Keep Your Hands High When You Peel
Lesson #6

Emergency Touches

  • Mastering Emergency Digs
  • When and How to Use the Pokey
  • Tomahawks and the Gator
Lesson #7

Chase Footwork & Sprint Mechanics

  • Digging on the Move
  • Footwork for Digging a Highline
  • How to Dig a Cut Shot
Lesson #8

Diving Digs & 1 Handed Digs

  • One Handed Digs - What's Legal
  • Stay Low When Chasing Down a Ball
  • 1 Handed Lay Down Digs from the Knees
Lesson #9

Reading the Hitter

  • Eyework & Reading the Hitter
  • Shift Defense Based on Set & Hitters Body Mechanics
  • Blocking Strategy Steps
Lesson #10

Intro to 3 and 4 Blocks & Defender Jukes

  • Beach Volleyball Hand Signals & Defense Plays: 1, 2, 3, 4, Fist
  • Advanced Beach Volleyball Defense Fake 4 ... WHAT
  • Double Juke Defense
Lesson #11

Transitioning Offense! converting Digs to Points

  • Transition Tactics
  • How to Turn Digs Into Kills
  • How to Become an Attacker After Digging a Short Shot
Lesson #12

Expanding Your Defensive Strategies

  • Where to be When Your Partner is Setting
  • When to Play Call
  • When to Try a 3 4
Bonus Lessons

Men's World Tour Video Analysis & Student Game Film Analysis

  • How to Prevent Overpassing
  • Get Your Feet Ready on Defense
  • Stop Peeling Cross

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  • Step-by-Step Progressive Courses For Every Skill
  • Strategies For Different Types of Opponents
  • 50+ 2-Hour Beach Volleyball Practice Plans 
  • Beach Volleyball Workout Programs
  • Performance Nutrition Plan & Tournament Eating Checklist
  • Vertical Jump Technique Training
  • Repair Bad Techniques & Faulty Motor Patterns
  • The MOST Important Drills & When To Do Them
  • Behind the Scenes AVP/FIVB Match Analyses
  • Injury Recovery / Prevention Plans
  • Access to Volleyball Tips! VolleyChat! Community

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  • Members Only Live Online Coaching Meetings with Professional Coaches and Players!
  • 2 Optional Group Meetings Every Week With The Better at Beach Coaching Staff of Current and Former AVP/FIVB Pros
  • Customized Season Plan For Training, Practicing & Eating Made Specifically For YOU
  • Customized Mobility, Strength & Conditioning Plans Made & Updated Specifically For You
  • Customized Nutrition Plans Made & Updated Specifically For You
  • Video Analysis! Review YOUR game footage and ask your beach volleyball questions LIVE
  • Mental / Mindset Training
  • Beach Volleyball Strategy Sessions and Game Planning for Your Matches, Leagues & Seasons
  • Drill, Practice & Match Video Analysis
  • Step by Step Coaching & Guidance Through All Our Skill and Strategy Courses
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