The EASY and SIMPLE Way to Fix Your Passing in Volleyball

Mar 21, 2022

If you are still struggling with your passing, keep reading!

If you are still struggling with passing in volleyball, we have an easy fix for you, and all it has to do with is the shape of your body! 


Good posture is overrated... hunch your shoulders!

Get into a good, athletic posture with your hands on your knees. Now just let your hands drop off your knees, hanging in front of you. Keep your shoulders rounded forward, almost hunching your back. Now tuck your bottom rib under a little more by flexing your abs, like you are doing a crunch or rounding out your back even more. This is the shape that you should try to maintain throughout your whole pass, and you need to fight to keep this shape throughout the process of the pass! Passing in volleyball is not easy, but working extra hard to maintain this shape when you are not touching the ball will make your actual touch on the ball a little bit easier.


Want to see it in action?

Want to see what this passing posture looks like in action, PLUS a great drill idea to practice it? Check out the video below where Brandon Joyner, Better at Beach Coach and professional AVP beach volleyball player, shows you just that and more!


We know you've heard it before, but STAY LOW!

One common mistake we see with amatuer or self-taught players when passing is standing up straight with their chest tall. You've heard to stay low, as in keeping your knees bent, but you also need to keep your chest forward and butt back, not letting your hips come through and chest come up. If your torso becomes too upright, your platform will be directly underneath the ball rather than behind it, likely causing your pass to land way too far off the net. Most serves fall in the back half of the court, so you have to be able to push the ball forward towards the net. To push the ball forwards, your platform has to be behind the ball, not directly underneath it. Maintaining our passing shape will make keeping your platform behind the ball much easier. 


Want three more keys to becoming a better passer? Check out our previous blog, How To Pass in Volleyball: Three Keys You ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO KNOW To Become A Better Passer!


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Move like you have a hot bowl of soup on your head!

As you shuffle or move to the ball to make your pass, it's also important to move smoothly without bobbing up and down. Bobbing up down creates unnecessary movement that is likely to change the shape of your platform, and therefore change where the ball goes, or create a fast touch on the ball due to your arms swinging around. We want a slow, smooth touch on the ball for ultimate control. Bobbing up and down also changes your eye-level, making it seem as if the ball is moving around more than it is. We like to say, imaging you have a hot bowl of soup on top of your head that you need to balance. Or, imagine you are one of those little foosball guys with a rod going through your head so it physically cannot move up or down. That way, you cannot stand up before or throughout your pass! 


Lastly, be comfortable being uncomfortable! 

This common saying in sports may sound like an oxymoron; how can you be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time? We'll explain. You are going to be uncomfortable putting your body into a new position and passing differently than you are used to. However, it is absolutely necessary to make changes, and therefore be uncomfortable, in order to get better! So, what we mean is: embrace being uncomfortable. The more willing you are to be uncomfortable forcing your body to maintain this passing position, the quicker it will become comfortable. Now go out there and become a better passer!


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