Pass With Perfect Accuracy! Play With Confidence! Unlock Your Potential!

  • Pass where you want, every time!!
  • Learn how to control the ball and control the match!
  • Become the player nobody wants to serve!
  • Tap into offensive weapons you never knew you had!

Learn the RIGHT drills and the RIGHT technique with our video coaching.

We'll guide you through a proven path and coach you the whole way. Rapidly improve your technique, strategy and every aspect of your game.

These programs are taken directly from our AVP / World Tour Training Protocols but modified for every age and level.


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This course will dial in your passing no matter the type of serve. You will learn to pass float serves perfectly and face jump serves with no fear.

I want to be consistent!
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Stand in serve receive knowing that it would be a mistake to serve you. Stand in serve receive WANTING to get served.

I want confidence!
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You can't bounce a ball without passing first. Pass perfect, side out every time, unlock the full extent of your offensive abilities.

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What's Included ...

Lesson #1

Introduction and Pre-Testing

  • Positioning, The Pass and Basic & Advanced Footwork
  • Drills & Examples
  • How to Take EASY Passing Statistics so you KNOW When You're Improving
Lesson #3

Basic Positioning and The Perfect Platform

  • The Perfect Platform
  • Positioning
  • How to Pass in Volleyball (3 Tips to Make Your Pass Perfect Every Time!)
Lesson #5

Serve Receive Footwork, Where to Pass and How High

  • How High Should I Pass? How Far From the Net?
  • Footwork: Basic Steps to Advanced Movement
Lesson #7

Pre Serve Receive Routine | How To Find The Right Mindset | How To Protect The Middle

  • Pre Serve Receive Routine
  • Responsibilities - Who Covers Middle
Lesson #8

The Mental Side of Passing

  • How to Focus When my Partner Isn't Engaged
Lesson #9

The Middle Ball and Advanced Responsibilities

  • Advanced Positioning - Playing in the Wind
  • Advanced Responsibilities - Side Out Percentage Counts
  • In Depth Discussion: Review of Middle Responsibilities and Wind Strategies
Lesson #10

Eyework and How to See the Serve Before it Happens

  • Eye Work
  • Secrets to a Great Volleyball Pass from AVP Coach
  • In Depth Discussion: Eyework
Lesson #11

Passing Floats vs. Passing Topspin

  • Eye Work
  • Secrets to a Great Volleyball Pass from AVP Coach
  • In Depth Discussion: Eyework

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  • 21 Day Mobility for Volleyball Program: Get Back To Fitness
  • Fix Your Arm Swing in 21 Days: Increase Power. Eliminate Pain.
  • Performance Nutrition Plan: How To Fuel For Training and Tournaments 

Technique & Strategy Courses & Guided Training Programs 

  •  Beach Volleyball 101: The Beginners Guide To Success
  • Pass with Consistency and Confidence: The Serve Receive Master Class 
  • How to Set in Beach Volleyball: The Blueprint for Superior Setting
  • Side Out and Win Tournaments: The Attacking & Offensive Strategy Master Class 
  • Power Accuracy and Aces: The Serving Master Class 
  • Ultimate Defender: Techniques and Elite Strategies for Digging and Blocking Everything 
  • Behind the Scenes AVP/FIVB Match Analyses

Tools For Coaches

  • Practice Plan SuperPack:  50+ Pre-Made Practices w/ Video Demonstrations
  • How to Warm Up For Volleyball and Obtain Peak Performance
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