Pass with Consistency and Confidence!

The Serve Receive Master Class


 Pass where you want, every time.

Learn how to control the ball and control the match.


Become The Player Nobody Wants To Serve!

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Serve Receive Master Class


This course will dial in your passing no matter the type of serve. You will learn to pass float serves perfectly and face jump serves with no fear.


Stand in serve receive knowing that it would be a mistake to serve you. Stand in serve receive WANTING to get served. 


You can't bounce a ball without passing first. Pass perfect, side out every time, unlock the full extent of your offensive abilities. 

This Serve Receive Master Class will allow you to tap into offensive weapons you never knew you had.

It's time to see how unstoppable your offense can get!


 Are you tired of shanking serves?


Have you tried various passing techniques with little to no success? 


Do you stand in serve receive hoping your partner gets served?


When's the last time you had a little swagger on offense? 




Whatever your reason, you are in the right place.

There are crucial keys that every athlete MUST know that most people never even hear!



There is no better feeling than standing in serve receive with TOTAL CONFIDENCE!

We'll give you technical advice and DAILY PROGRAMMING that gets results, FAST!


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Every beach player WANTS to have a better offense.


Every beach player wants to pass DIMES. 


Every beach player wants to receive serves with total CONFIDENCE. 


But most people never realize their full potential!


  • "I keep shanking float serves!"


  • "I'm terrified that I'm going to get served every ball again."


  • "I can't side out well. I'm just not a good offensive player."
  • "Jump serves come too hard for me to pass consistently."


  • "I just feel like my platform is all wrong."
  • "My partner is always running down my errant passes."


  • "I can't get the set I want because I don't pass consistently enough."


  • "I rarely side out consistently."

So what's the real problem?!


You might be thinking,


“ I just can't pass!"

"Float serves move too much!"


"I just have to play a different way."

"I can only win by playing good defense."




Perfect, consistent passing can be built in just a few easy steps.

Early platform, feet to ball, balance.


You're going to wonder why no one ever taught you this before. 

Improving your passing is easy. You just need the right program. 


We'll show you how to develop a perfect, consistent platform so you can STICK PASSES.

With our system you'll see IMMEDIATE RESULTS.


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Welcome to Better at Beach! 

My name is Mark Burik. I've been coaching sports for over 2 decades and I spent 15 years competing professionally as an indoor player, on the AVP and the FIVB! 


I’ve been ranked in the top 100 beach players in the world and even won the Continental Championship in 2015.

I also got the honor of competing in beach volleyball for Team USA at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. 


I’ve coached in more than 10 countries. I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Today Show, ESPN, several hundred newspaper articles, Volleyball Magazine, Dig Magazine.

I have a multiple certifications including:

  • Degree in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

I’ve also been hired for my expertise by 4 different national sport federations, USA, India, China, and Norway.

I grew up playing every sport you can imagine... 

I was pretty good, too.


But when I began playing beach volleyball, I couldn't pass to save my life. 

I had the movements down. I felt like my platform was solid. 

I felt comfortable on the sand. I felt like I was improving.  

But I was always getting served, because I just couldn't pass consistently. 

I looked at the players around me, hitting harder, siding out better, winning more, and I thought

Well, they're just natural-born volleyball players. 

I threw in the towel on the idea that I could become a good passer.

I tried to develop other skills to make up for my lack of passing. 

I had given up on being the guy nobody wanted to serve. 

But after a tournament in Huntington Beach, everything changed.

I was served off the court. We lost to a team I had never lost to before. 

I declared, that day, that I'd never lose because of my passing again. 

After working so hard for so long and thinking it just wasn't in me 

I realized that the top athletes in the world have a dirty little secret...

They have the formula.

I went to work applying this new style of training. 


Less playing.

More practicing. 

Less games. 

More focused reps. 



I had to re-learn what hard work meant.

I had to train with a FORMULA instead of just grit.

After winning a CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP, I knew I had found it...

and that I needed to share it with all the athletes that came after me. 

I'm proof that if you have the right teachers and you try new things, you can hit new levels no matter where you are.

Here's why this is important...


I've trained thousands of athletes and they always think that spiking is the most important part of volleyball. 

But here's the thing: You can't spike if you can't pass. Period. 

But after three weeks with our system, guess what? 

Players are BOUNCING balls. 

They're playing with confidence.

They're siding out consistently, intimidating other teams. 

Our Serve Receive Master Class gets FAST RESULTS!!!


Our videos have 1 MILLION views for a reason!


This is a FAST and EASY TO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP SYSTEM for learning the keys to passing and siding out like a professional player. 


WE GUARANTEE you will be on another level after just 20 days with us!  

Imagine showing up to the court KNOWING you're one of the best passers in the tournament. Imagine passing so well that you know it's a mistake for someone to serve you.  

Pass perfect. Pass confidently. 

THEN you can BOUNCE balls. 

Everyone watching will be wondering what your secret is.

I'm ready to take my offense to the next level

These are the most crucial and yet most misunderstood concepts for how to develop the most effective offense.

These 3 keys alone will 10X your passing and side out. 

It's time to introduce the program that will change everything for you!


The Serve Receive Master Class


The only program GUARANTEED to make you a lights-out passer



You know in your heart AND in your head that this will make you better.

You know that what we have can help you..


  • 19 Lessons
  • 7 Serve Receive Drills that the Pro's use Every Day
  • Video Tutorials with Live Examples of High Level Techniques
  • Study the movements and tactics of the world’s best players.
  • Coaching from an actual World Tour Professional!

ADD on our Continued Learning Virtual Library to receive new drills, ideas, webinars, etc. monthly to help further your education in the world of beach volleyball!


Our Personal Guarantee

Most programs with this level of detail  and access to a national team coach and professional athletes with REAL WORLD TOUR EXPERIENCE, would cost at least $2000.

Don't waste any more time trying to find new coaches or videos. WE HAVE BUILT THIS PROGRAM AND IT'S PROVEN TO UPGRADE YOUR GAME!

WE have 40 years of elite training experience and exercise science.

There is no comparison to the quality of program that we provide.

Personal coaching of this quality would easily cost over $2000

Personally, I’ve spent over $150,000 over 20 years in education and world class training from the top coaches on the planet.



I crave seeing my athletes improve... 

I want you to know what it feels like to step onto the court, knowing it's a mistake to serve you.

I KNOW that in just 20 days, you WILL be playing at a level you never thought possible. 


Right now you have the chance to be a part of this program…

We show you how many days, how many reps, and the best drills you can do... PLUS you can get real coaching when you record your videos!



Our program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


I Need To Pass Better And Play With Confidence. Let's Go!

You want to to know the secret sauce that leads to a



Here it is on a silver platter.


Your time is now! 

If you don’t jump on this, you’re just going to keep stalling. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF not to hesitate.

It's time to change your fate and FINALLY tap into your potential!!!





You KNOW that you are here because something is leaving you unsatisfied. You KNOW that another level is possible.

If you’ve stayed this long, it’s because you KNOW this training program will make you a better athlete.

You know that perfect passing and confidence on the court are just a few clicks away. 

So let's go! Standing still never got anybody anywhere!

You’ve got to commit. NOTHING WILL CHANGE if you don't try something new!


All pro athletes know that if you do what you’ve always done, you are only going to get what you’ve always gotten.  

You’ve got to see what possibilities lay behind closed doors. 

You don’t want months to pass knowing STILL don’t have the edge on your opponents. 

I'm Ready To Pass Perfect! Sign Me Up!

The Serve Receive Master Class


Pass With Perfect Accuracy!

Play With Confidence!

Unlock Your Offensive Potential!

19 Lessons

Serve Receive Drills that the Pro's use Every Day

Video Tutorials with Live Examples of High Level Techniques

Study the movements and tactics of the world’s best players.

Coaching from an actual World Tour Professional!





You first have to believe in yourself and know that your untapped level is waiting. You can impress your friends and crush your competition! 


You’re going to regret it if you don’t try our program. Where will you be in two months?

Has your game taken any massive leaps lately? 

You’ve seen people take it to new levels. Now it's your turn!

Don’t get left behind.


Let’s get rolling. 

Join me and become a MASTER PASSER!




“Training was awesome and I definitely learned a lot. It felt like my brain was going to implode at times trying to implement 7 new things at once but you’ve given me a great list of things to go and work on. You are a fantastic coach – obviously very knowledgeable, always energetic, and you definitely inspire your athletes (me included) to want to work hard for you. You also modify your coaching style to suit your athletes which is a skill not that many coaches have.”


“As a competitive Midwestern beach volleyball player, it can be very difficult to get professional level coaching or competition to help elevate our game.... The lessons I learned from Mark extended beyond the court or the gym. Just observing how he prepares for success and the level of dedication he has was shocking. I can confidently say that my game improved immensely over the course of a week by challenging my both mentally and physically. I came back afterwards and people took immediate notice of how much stronger I was mentally and how much my game improved. I came back stronger, faster, more confident and much more knowledgeable on how to succeed and continue to improve.”


“My improvements were MASSIVE!! In spring 2015, prior to working with you, I was terrible at volleyball… Could barely hang in an A rated tournament and, in the past few years, did not qualify for anything. I never got more than an A-rating in the CBVA!! After starting with you, I made 2 finals winning once, and earned my AAA twice. I never finished worse than 5th. I also got a 9th in the NVL as well 3 more “game to get ins” barely losing nail bitters every time! Lastly, the best stat yet, I finished with more wins than losses by a long shot. This was also a first for me!! SO once again a HUGE thank you for last year!!! ”

We’ve had thousands of students complete our training programs. They’ve all hit new levels of confidence and performance!

Consistent passing, consistent confidence, tournament wins, league victories, and they are flat out better players.

Controlling the ball makes it easy to score more points, control the game, have more fun!

You’ll be meeting with us LIVE to ask questions and get PERSONAL FEEDBACK!!!

We're going to be with you at every step making sure you hit a new level!