The ultimate beach volleyball guide

Teach Your Kid (or Girlfriend) to Play Volleyball at Home



Sometimes we can't get out to play beach volleyball with our real partner -- but we still have plenty of options. We can play with the roof. The wall. The street

Those, of course, are also not our real partners, but at least they won't complain about a bad set or pass. 

If you can't find a partner, here's the best 5 Solo Drills to Master Beach Volleyball


Even better, however, than our ever-reliable inanimate objects and surfaces around our houses and neighborhoods, are our roommates, fiancees, wives or husbands, children -- living, breathing partners. They don't have to be great, or even good, for that matter, at beach volleyball (you'll see in the video). They just have to be there, and willing to have a little fun as you improve at home.

All you'll need is, again, our best quarantine friend: A wall. A partner. And a ball

That's all.


 Now, that we are in the off-season, maybe the perfect time to take a look at film with our coaching calls.

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For now, find your partner, and have a little fun with these drills you can do at home. 


Beach volleyball partner drill No. 1: DEFENSE

Here's an awesome drill that you can do with a partner who's got good quality defense, or if you're a parent and you don't play volleyball at all, but you want to help kids get better.

Basically what we're going to do is one person, the player has three touches.

They have to pass to themselves, set to themselves, and then hit at you.

Parent: If you're a non volleyball player, if you can catch it, that qualifies as a good hit from the player. Then you just throw it back and they go through it again and they're going to try to get 10 in a row. If you guys are both experienced, then one person is only digging every time and the other person is passing, setting and hitting.

Once you get to a really advanced level, the hitter is going to jump. So we're going to show you all three versions. Here we go. Gotta get 10 in a row.

If you couldn't catch it. They have to do 10 more in a row. And that's how you play mind games with your kids, or partner. 


Beach volleyball partner drill No. 2: Pass, set, spike, defense

This is the second progression of our pass, set, spike and defense show. Now the one player who has one touch, their job is to just touch the ball once in a defensive manner.

So it's pass to myself, set to myself, speak to my partner.

She plays a high defense and I immediately recovered. You have to get 10 in a row.

I have a great drill. If you have two volleyball players and you're going to work on one while looking to make this a workout... dig to yourself, set to yourself, jump and hit it.

Your partner's job is to dig high enough so that you have time to react and get to the ball. 


Beach volleyball drill No. 3 : Defensive reactions

This next drill is to train your defensive reactions. If you're looking for a player to watch for this, Katie Spieler is the one. It doesn't help you with vision work, but it does help you with your preparation.

The position that you should be in: When you're waiting, get your hands out in front of you. Have your partner behind you. Roll the ball against the wall, dig it to yourself. Pass it to yourself. Set it back to them. And if you're super fast, let them hit the wall again.

See how it works.

These are incredible drills to get you warming up and mastering those skills at home. 

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