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Beach Volleyball Attacking Course: Spiking a Hard Cross


Today we're all about the hard cross in beach volleyball. This free training video shows you how to master this vital attack move on the beach volleyball court. AVP pros Brandon Joyner and Mark Burik take you through every jump, step and swing so you can spike the volleyball high and hard. 

This video is part of our Better at Beach attacking course available through our Beach Volleyball Mastery and above. Ramp up your skill set with professional beach volleyball players and coaches. Sign up today!

You'll get a FREE drill book when you shop our selection of online courses that will take your beach volleyball game to a new level of awesome! Your free book includes 36 essential beach volleyball drills. Our training programs are designed by beach volleyball pro players to give you maximum value -- and results that you can see on the scoreboard.


Hey guys, the video that you're about to watch is an example of one of our beach volleyball...

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CBD: The Beach Volleyball Player’s Secret Weapon


Why are so many beach volleyball players using CBD in their recovery protocol? Should you?

By Allison Cass

How many times have you gone up for an epic spike and as soon as you land think to yourself, “UGH there comes that back pain… again”  Or gone up for a stuff block only to find your knee pissed off as you squat down to jump.

When quick and powerful movement is the name of the game, any kind of muscle and joint pain can hinder your ability to move efficiently and effectively – let alone without whispering the “F word” to yourself between each play. 

Some people chalk this up to getting older, but we believe that people should move pain-free regardless of age.

It comes as no surprise that amateur, competitive, elite, and professional athletes alike are turning to CBD to help them recover better, faster, and ultimately enhance their performance. Physical training can be extremely taxing on the body, especially when done...

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Improve Your Blocking Fast: Beach Volleyball Video Analysis


The following video is a video analysis that Mark had done with one of his players. Our video analysis sessions are designed to have professional AVP athletes/coaches sit down with our players and they go through 45 minutes of tape review. Our coaches look at the player’s game film, the techniques and what decisions the player makes in a game. Watch a sample of Mark’s video analysis in action.

Make sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel and social media accounts if you want to see more of these.


Our Complete Serve Receive course starts at the bottom and takes you all the way to the top. Whether you are a true beginner, or you've been playing for decades, this course will offer you a chance to build and re-build your basics and take the next jump. Take the time to follow the course and do the drills. We guarantee you are going to Get Better at Beach! Pass with Consistency and Confidence: The Serve Receive Master Class 

Want to...

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Time Heals All Wounds in Beach Volleyball


By Leo Keegan

June 26th, 2016. Was it just another day?

Before we answer that, let’s flashback to April 2th, 1995. It was the start of a 3-year period in which Sinjin Smith did not play an AVP tournament. One significant factor was Sinjin was working to grow beach volleyball internationally, playing and supporting the FIVB. And because of that, Sinjin Smith was persona non grata on the AVP. Imagine that, the most influential male beach volleyball player of all time was not playing on US soil.

But time heals all wounds, and on August 24th 2001 at the Manhattan Beach Open Sinjin was celebrated as one of the game’s greatest players of all time as he played in his last AVP tournament (finishing 9th) and retired. All of the past tension and conflict was just that -- in the past.

How many more fans would beach volleyball have if Sinjin had played in AVP tournaments during those years between 1995 and 1998? How many more battles between Randy Stoklos, his former...

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Men's Beach Volleyball 2020 Olympics Qualification Updates


Our friend Leo Keegan over at Beach Volleyball Update sent us his latest writeup of the beach volleyball Olympic updates and qualification standings for men. We are pleased to share this with you below.

With 6 months of Olympic qualifying remaining on the calendar, let's examine the Top 4 international men's teams. For reference the current Olympic ranking is as follows:

Anders Mol and Christian Sorum

The current Olympic ranking is led by superstars -- Norway's Anders Mol and Christian Sorum. These youngsters (Mol is 22 years old and Sorum is 24) are the team to beat. Mols/Sorum won 50% (7 of the 14 FIVB) events they played together in 2019.

In the highest pressure, biggest events, Mols/Sorum finished first twice (Gstaad and Vienna) and third twice (World Championships and World Tour Finals).

Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovskiy

Russians Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovskiy are second on the list. This team is also young; Oleg 23 is years old and...

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Women's Beach Volleyball FIVB and 2020 Olympic Qualification Updates


Our friend Leo Keegan over at Beach Volleyball Update sent us his latest writeup of the FIVB and beach volleyball Olympic updates and qualification standings for women, which we are pleased to share with you below.

The USA women are doing very well on the FIVB. In the Olympic qualification standings (shown below) there are 4 USA teams in the Top 10 of which 2 will qualify. Alix Klineman and April Ross hold the top slot by a large margin. However, the second slot is a tight race among three teams: Sarah Sponcil / Kelly Claes, Kerri Walsh-Jennings / Brooke Sweat and Kelley Larsen / Emily Stockman. The race has never been so competitive!

One of the reasons is the addition of Beach Volleyball as an NCAA sport. Check out this article, with an AVP focus, by Wayne Holly with a lot of statistics supporting this argument: (passed on from Ricky Pszenny): NCAA to PRO.

Now let's take a look at the top competition that the USA teams face in the beach volleyball Olympics. The top...

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Advanced Beach Volleyball Training Video: Side-out Consistency, Block Positioning and Block Preparation


Hey beachvolley fans and players!  If you've come to this page, it means you are ready for a deep dive into how to win beach volleyball matches. Beach volleyball players from around the world send us their videos and we give them private lessons. Most private lessons for volleyball take place on the court but after a decade one tour, I know 100% that there are times when video lessons and film study can win you more points than actually continuing your physical practices.

In Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan beach, you can wake up any morning and see tons of pro practices, volleyball classes and lessons happening but what you don't see is the hours every top level player spends on their phones and computers watching their video. Every FIVB and AVP player tent is just a coffee shop full of tall people watching their previous match to check for strengths and weaknesses. We also study our opponents to find their tendencies.

If you are trying to become a...

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