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Beach Volleyball Drill for Attacking | Hit Like Todd Rogers | Attack Vision Short Over the Block


Beach Volleyball Drill for Attack Vision – Short Over The Block

Sometimes in beach volleyball, we can feel open spots by feeling the blocker. So, normally if a blocker is blocking line, it means the defender is sitting in the cross. So, we're going to come out of the middle as an attacker, and we're going to use the blocker as our signifier for where we should go. Once they get the set into the middle of the court, I'm going to shift as the blocker to show them that they should go over me and get it to the sidelines.

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The key is, I've drawn boxes about 10 feet off of the net because you need to get this ball far enough from the blocker so that they can't drop and pursue it. If you leave it right behind them, they can go in and then they can pick it up, but if you get it far enough behind them and far enough in...

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How to Hit Better in Beach Volleyball: 10x Your Attacking with These Tips for Hitting Shots (Part 3 of 3)


This is Part 3 of a three part series on how to hit better in beach volleyball. If you missed it, Check Out Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here. Feel free to read them in any order.

11. If you really want to learn how to hit a volleyball so you can get more clean kills, learn and practice the cross body swing.

Stand on the left side of a beach volleyball court, close to the net. Face the opposite volleyball pole so that your left shoulder is closer to the net and your feet are facing the pole instead of the net. Hit hundreds of balls over your left ear to the high line position (the deep left corner) WITHOUT TURNING!!! Don’t turn your feet, don’t turn your chest. If you want to hit the next level of beach volleyball (or indoor volleyball) you MUST master the cross body swing.

Add some jumps once you start feeling comfortable swinging cross body and not just doing a hook shot. It should still feel like a volleyball swing. When you hit a volleyball cross...

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How to Hit Better in Beach Volleyball: 10x Your Attacking with These Tips for Hitting Shots (Part 2 of 3)


This is Part 2 of a three part series on "How to Hit Better in Beach Volleyball: 10x Your Attacking with These Tips for Hitting Shots" . If you missed it, Check Out Part 1 Here. Feel free to read them in any order.

6. To hit better in beach volleyball, you HAVE TO LOOK when your arms go back, just before you jump.

Early in my beach volleyball career, hours and hours of watching Olympic Gold Medalist, Todd Rogers, taught me this concept. Today, the guys to watch are Bruno  Oscar Schmidt (also a Gold Medalist) from Brazil and Casey Patterson. Those guys get good, fast looks before they jump and hit. To explain the concept, we have to step back and go over some basics. If you haven't seen our video on approach footwork, make sure you watch it because if you want to learn how to hit a volleyball but you don't have the basic footwork, life on the beach volleyball court is going to be tough for you.

The order of your approach steps should be “Right..... Left......

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How to Hit Better in Beach Volleyball: 10x Your Attacking with These Tips for Hitting Shots (Part 1 of 3)


This is Part 1 of a three part series. Make sure you open up Part 2 and Part 3 so you can get the full lesson. Feel free to read them in any order.

1. How to hit better in beach volleyball? Hit on your way up!

Just about every beach volleyball player wants to know how to hit a volleyball better. Most players know that you should hit the ball at the highest point of your jump but not everyone accomplishes the task. Most players will jump, feel the top of their leap, and then swing. When this happens, you are actually contacting the volleyball on your way down because you only START swinging when you feel your top. One good key I’ve been using to help myself hit better (and while coaching players in our volleyball classes in Hermosa Beach, CA) is to start swinging while you are on your way up. This mindset allows you to REALLY contact the ball at the top of your jump.

If you hit the volleyball before your peak, it’s not altogether a bad thing. Most...

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Easy Beach Volleyball Hitting Drill for Accuracy: Self-Toss Target Practice


Learn how to spike a volleyball accurately with this easy beach volleyball drill: Self-toss Target Practice

This is a great beach volleyball warm-up drill for spiking and attacking. when you're starting to get your arm loose on the court or if you want to get some spiking and accuracy reps while you're at home or away from a volleyball court.

It won't get you any game-like reps, but it's really important to be able to control the volleyball and incorporate vision.

Toss to yourself but you must make sure that you toss well above the top of the antenna. After you follow where the ball is with your eyes, you need to drop them or focus them on your partner (or a target on a wall) and then return your gaze to the ball. 

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When the ball that you tossed reaches its peak, your partner is going to put one hand anywhere they want. Your job...

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2019 Pan Am Games Beach Volleyball: USA (Burik/Satterfield) vs El Salvador (Escobar/ Vargas)


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Watch Mark Burik and Ian Satterfield of the United States battle it out with El Salvador in the Men's Beach Volleyball at the 2019 Pan American Games.



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Once inside the membership, you’ll be...

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The Mental Struggle of a Beach Volleyball Injury



Sports injuries are never fun. But it's really challenging when it keeps you from doing the things you love to do, like sports or any other kind of physical activity.

My injury occurred at the end of August performing an over hand dig during a simple warm up. The girl who was my partner threw it slightly to the left of me, and I caught the ball in a weird way, hurting my left pinky finger.

I thought I just jammed it, so I did what most people would probably do and taped it up and carried on with my class, then went home and iced it. Not a stranger to finger injuries in beach volleyball, I assumed it might hurt for several weeks, but that I could just keep taping it up and go on practicing.

At a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment two weeks later, I had it looked at, and it turns out it was dislocated. Not only that, but since I waited two weeks (every doctor I met liked to remind me that I waited too long), it couldn't be put back in place unless I had...

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"I would love to qualify for an AVP!": Brandon Joyner


My name is Brandon Joyner. I'm from Chester Virginia and I've been coaching for VolleyCamp Hermosa since October of 2018.

I started playing when I was a junior in high school. I then went to George Mason University after that I was lucky enough to go play professionally overseas for two seasons, and switched over to beach volleyball where I played on the NVL for five years. Now I'm currently still playing on the AVP.

I got connected with VolleyCamp Hermosa by knowing Mark in college. The last couple years I've been hinting that I wanted to come out and finally, he gave me the push and the okay, and now that I'm out here I'm very excited to be working with him again. 

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I like coaching for VolleyCamp Hermosa because it really does feel like a family. I come out here every single day and I know that I'm going to...

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Top 10 Books for Beach Volleyball Players to Read During COVID-19 Quarantine


By: Travis Mewhirter

For so long, prior to our Covid-19-induced quarantine, we've trotted out the rote answer when someone asks us how we are doing. 

"Busy," we say.

It's not a lie. Most of us are wildly, insanely, out-of-control busy. Busy with work. Busy with family. Busy with fighting for our next promotion. Busy cramming in a workout. We don't even think about it when we answer with that four-letter word, and, in reply, most will nod their heads, understanding. 

They're busy, too. 

Now, however, many of us are not so busy. We have more time than we've had on our plates since we were kids. Because we have more time on our hands than we are used to, we really have no idea what to do with it all. 


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How can we fill the hours that are normally runneth over with tasks and...

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Take the Beach Volleyball High Line Challenge! Easy Attacking Drill for Beach Volleyball Players


The High Line Challenge

Check out this easy attacking drill for beach volleyball players. This is simply a shoot out and it should be considered mandatory for anyone who wants to win tournaments. John Hyden performs this drill for attacking the high line at every single practice and it's been one of my personal favorite hitting drills for most of my career.

In the back you can see Ian and Paul just make 2 high line boxes. This is basically, a Serve Receive practice, but we're going to get our competition on by me and Paul going against each other, and we're just going to say it's the first person to get 4 high lines, but we're doing it with a plus or minus scoring.

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If we miss the high line box at any point - it becomes a minus, if we get it - it becomes a plus.

You can see we've also added a bungee cord across...

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