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VolleyChat is a Facebook Group that will get all of your questions and concerns answered quickly!  If they haven't already been answered, our community of coaches and players will provide unique insights.

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Advice & Fixes to Common Mistakes

  • How do I hit a cut shot?
  • How do I become a better hand setter?
  • What's the footwork for a jump serve?
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Breaking News & Trending Topics

  • New Partnerships/ Partnership Dramas
  • The Olympic Race
  • FIVB Wolrd Tour and AVP
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Connect with Players in Other Cities

Going on vacation? Going on a work trip?  Get connected with coaches and players in cities all over the world so you can play on the road!

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NCAA Beach Volleyball & Juniors

  • NCAA News and Standings
  • Juniors tournaments
  • Recruiting Questions & Advice

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