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The Better At Beach Basic Skills Bundle + 60 Day S&C Program + 20 Practice Plans

The Better at Beach All Skills Bundle gives you access to ALL of our skill courses!  This includes the complete course for serve receive, setting, attacking, and serving.  Each of these courses is full of valuable information allowing you to become an expert in each skill.  Each course is developed with helpful hints/tips, basic tutorials on how to perform the skill at the highest level, and drills helping you practice.  This bundle is guaranteed to help you completely understand the game of beach volleyball. 60 Day Strength and Conditioning Program.  Get your body stronger, leaner, healthier and built for the beach!   Lifting, Conditioning and Mobility for Beach Volleyball.  Never before has a program been so meticulously designed to focus on the beach volleyball player. We take you rep by rep, set by set, and day by day through one of the most intense beach volleyball programs ever built. Video Demonstrations performance tracking sheet included! 20 Complete Practice Plans.   Designed for you to have a smooth practice with a centralized focus for each practices goal.  Each practice plan will come with drill explanations, drill videos, and a schedule for how long you should spend on each drill.  All you have to do is show up to the court and motivate your team!  We have taken care of the rest!  With these practice plans you can start your journey of getting Better At Beach today!  Don't waste another day!  

$399.99 for the Better at Beach - Basic Skills Bundle + 60 Day Strength and Conditioning Program + 20 Complete Practice Plans

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