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Sideout and Win Tournaments: The Attacking Master Class

Are you maximizing your attack arsenal? 

The attacking course is guaranteed to help intermediate and advanced players hit the next level. We go WAY beyond the traditional "Learn how to spike a beach volleyball". You will attack at a higher level raise your hitting percentage!

What's inside...

  • How to set yourself up for the best spike
  • Learn the different types of attacks
  • Important information on how to become a better hitter in the shortest amount of time!
  • At what stage of the game should I hit the high line or the cut
  • How to know what your "go to" attack is
  • Drills to help you along the way

Still not satisfied with your attacking?  Hitting the same shot or hit every time you get set?  Stop going through this pain alone!  The Complete Attacking course will give you the fundamentals first and then take you through match application, strategy and execution.

Perform the skill of attacking at a high level. This course focuses not just how, but when to perform each skill at the right moment and set yourself up for the most success.

Plus! We give you helpful hints and tips that will show you how to hit angles based on what type of set you get. 

Take your game from "A" to "OPEN" in NO TIME!

We give you the tools, you just have to follow through.

We help you hit your next level  faster! 

Attacking is and will always be one of the most fun aspects of the game of beach volleyball.  Add to your arsenal, learn the ins and out of multiple attacks, and start having more fun WINNING MATCHES TODAY.  We guarantee you are going to Get Better at Beach Volleyball!

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