Earn Your Better at Beach Level 3 (Red) Rating

This quiz will your knowledge of the basic fundamentals and rules of beach volleyball.

Physical Skills Assessment:

The coach will underhand bowl toss free balls from the opposite service line. You must pass to yourself, then set to yourself and then standing overhand spike the ball five or more out of ten times to pass.

From full depth, you must overhand serve balls over the net and in the court. You need to complete 7 or more successful serves in ten attempts.

You must use alternating single arm touches to 'juggle' the ball 20 times in a row without catching the ball or breaking the sequence.

You must pass and set to yourself 20 times in a row without catching or carrying the ball and without breaking the sequence.

Demonstrate 5 Spike Approaches with Proper Footwork and Armwork. 

Remember, you cannot be coached DURING the assessment.


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