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Join Us February 16-18 2024 at Third Coast Volleyball HTX

  • 3-day intensive clinic: Men, Women & Juniors 14-18
  • Skill level: B-AA
  • Location: Third Coast Houston outdoor courts Get directions
  • Camp fee: $599
  • Day passes: $175-$250
  • Limited capacity: 30 spots

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Since 2016, we've coached many hundreds of players to playing more skillfully, holding their own in competitive games, and even winning tournaments:

This Training Is For You If You Want To..


..Unlock new levels of skills FAST

The Better at Beach staff's coach's eye—developed over 1000s of hours working with players of every level—will have you practicing according to your strengths & potentials.

When you join us in Houston, we'll guide you to breakthroughs in your beach volleyball technique in the shortest amount of time.

Group of players listening to coach

..Install the best habits, increase volleyball IQ & get a winning mindset

On top of the most effective drills we've found for improving your technique, there's more pieces to the puzzle making you a complete player:

  • winning habits
  • understand & use successful strategies and tactics in beach volleyball
  • the mental game

Which is why your schedule will have daily Mental Sessions—so that you can also master these game-changing other skills.

Let's Get Better!

..Make amazing new Volleyball Friends

We're always amazed at the new connections that spring from any of our camps and clinics.

The beach volleyball community is a great family, and chances are you'll come away from this experience with a bunch of new friendseven life-long onesand training buddies or future tournament partners.

What BABers Are Saying

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Juniors Welcome!

Juniors aged 14-18 can absolutely, no problem, take part in the camp. If you want your young one to participate in the volleyball training, then of course!

We get a bunch of teenagers every year.

Just know in advance that while we do have some teenagers, the majority of the campers are adults and no matter what age, we group players by skill. Some work well when surrounded by adults. Others, maybe not.

Be aware of your child's maturity level, because this isn't a juniors-only event.

Camp Schedule

4:00-6:00: Fundamentals of Serving, Passing & Ball Control
6:00-7:00: Dinner Provided & Mental Session "Know Yourself As A Player & Build Your Offense"
7:00-9:00: Setting Fundamentals, Bump Setting, Hand Setting & Transition Setting
9:00-10:00: Feature Match

9:00-11:30: Offensive Spacing & Timing: Approach Footwork & Jump Mechanics
11:30 - 12:30Lunch Provided & Mental Session "Know Yourself As A Player & Build Your Offense"
12:30 - 2:30: Arm Swing Mechanics & Improving Accuracy
3:00 - 4:30Vision, Decision Making + Competitive Games

9:00-11:30: Positioning, Blocking, Peeling & Emergency Touches
11:30 - 12:30: Lunch Provided & Mental Session "How To Eat & Workout For Volleyball"
12:30 - 2:30: Defensive Posture, Positioning & Hard Driven Digs, Chasing Shots and Diving Digs
3:00 - 4:30: Reading the Hitter, Bait & Switch Plays + Competitive Games

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Your Better At Beach Coaches In Houston

Mark Burik

Mark founded Better At Beach in 2016 and has been holding camps around the country full-time ever since.

He's a former professional player on the FIVB & AVP, Team USA Athlete at the 2019 Pan-Am Games, and assistant coach for the Team USA Collegiate Beach National Team.

His background is in Exercise Science (George Mason University) and he's a certified strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer.

Brandon Joyner

Chief of Operations & Director of Education

Brandon played and coached Division 1 Volleyball for George Mason University. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Secondary Education: Curriculum & Instruction Design.

His unique skill set makes him a fantastic Master Coach. Brandon regularly competes for his spot on the AVP and FIVB circuits.

Logan Webber

Logan Webber spent four years playing men's volleyball in college.

He has also been coaching beach volleyball for years.

Logan is considered one of America's best up-and-coming blockers, is an AVP Main Draw player and has competed internationally on the FIVB Pro Tour.

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Third Coast Volleyball Club is a Top 10 US Sand Facility

There's a reason we keep coming back here. This is Houston's major sand facilityand one of the best in the nation.

Third Coast lets you enjoy the most professional environment for productive training sessions. Adding the social, relaxing aspect, the attentive crew taking care of your needs..

..makes it hard for a beach volleyball player to imagine a better place to be.

12 Pro-Grade Courts

Third Coast has the most outdoor courts in all of Texas, each of them with tropical white sand and professional net systems.

From BVCA to p1440 to AVP America, to Better At Beachwe're choosing 3rd Coast because it's a quality place.

Players at a beach volleyball facility
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Exceptional atmosphere & amenities

For relaxation, snacks and drinks, you have the Tiki-style clubhouse.

There's also a number of well-equipped, private outdoor showers with hot water.

In short, everything you need to enjoy the perfect training mini-vacation.

Less than 20 minutes from Downtown Houston

The location is quite central, so you won't have to spend hours commuting to and from the camp.

You can easily explore the city after training is done for the day.

Affordable hotels are right next to the facility, and higher-end ones not too far away.


Our camp FAQ has answers to the most common questions we get. Do check it out if you feel like you need more clarity.

You can also shoot us a message. We'll get back to you ASAP!

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