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20 Practice Plans The Ultimate Beach Volleyball Training Companion



20 Practice Plans: The Ultimate Beach Volleyball Training Companion!

This is our latest and greatest product in the Better at Beach, beach volleyball training series!

Have you ever planned to do drills with your friends or team, then show up to the beach and wonder what you should be working on? This practice plan will give you a minute-by-minute printable guide and video examples of each drill. We take the guesswork out of it for you!! All you have to do is show up and focus on improving your game!

The program was created by current professional beach volleyball players Brandon Joyner and Mark Burik, who have years of combined coaching and playing experience on the AVP and FIVB and NORCECA world tours.

There are five areas of concentration: Passing, Setting, Attacking, Defense, and Gameplay. The drills progress from basic to advanced, and is great for coaches and players of ALL LEVELS!

We know you will absolutely LOVE this comprehensive training guide to help you get...

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Beach Volleyball Strategy | Secrets to Winning with Pro Beach Volleyball Player Casey Patterson


Thank you for reading! We love that you're interested in beach volleyball! And if you live in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, or anywhere in Southern California, we'd love if you joined us for our beach volleyball classes and camps!

Casey Patterson is known for, among a wide variety of elements of beach volleyball, his personality. He dances. Laughs. Talks more than your typical beach volleyball player -- sometimes, as was the case this past year at AVP Seattle, in the middle of a swing, when he wondered, audibly, what in the world Troy Field was doing when he dared to peel on Patterson. 

It didn't end well for Field. 

This might not seem to be like strategy in the typical sense of the word. That strategy is the Xs and Os -- who to serve and where, what defense to run, where to attack and how. Patterson employs plenty of that as well, and he discusses as much in the video below. But strategy, getting into an opponent's head and staying...

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Beach Volleyball Tips: Serving Power vs Serving Accuracy


When recalling an answer to the oft-asked question of beach volleyball serving -- "Is it better to serve with power or with accuracy? -- two images come to mind. 

The first is of Jeremy Casebeer. If you missed AVP Seattle this past year, where he won with Canadian Olympian Chaim Schalk, that's perfectly fine. It's on Amazon Prime if you'd like to re-watch. Or you can simply read this recap here: Jeremy Casebeer ace, Jeremy Casebeer ace, Jeremy Casebeer ace. In the semifinals, where Casebeer and Schalk were playing Casey Patterson and Chase Budinger, Casebeer served his way to an 8-0 start. 

Eight nothing! In the first set of an AVP semifinal! His pace at the serving line would cool, but remain torrid enough to power him and Schalk to a smooth win and another in the finals over Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb. 

That is an example of power serving. 

The other image that comes to mind when thinking about beach volleyball serving is of Billy Kolinske. You...

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2 Person Beach Volleyball Serve and Transition Drill Tutorial


Dig, Set, Look, Hit!

This beach volleyball drill is great for Coach on One or when you only have two players training together. We have a specific serving target that our player needs to hit. If he or she hits that target then they're going to enter the court and they're going to play defense.

The player will go through their entire defensive rhythm, that means that they enter the court shaded middle after the serve. Next, the drill facilitator will clap to signify that the second person is setting and not attacking. After that, the facilitator can throw the ball wherever they want. For those who want to be defender specific - you should be initiating your chases with crossover steps, so keep your footwork in mind as we're doing this.

When you chase the ball initiate with a crossover step, don't waste steps by opening your lead leg. After they pursue that ball, they need to pass, set, look for the coach who's going point at a target, and then they have to deliver that hit.


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Float Serving in Beach Volleyball


Get the secrets to the standing float serve! Join AVP pros Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner as they reveal all in this beach volleyball training video. 

Be sure to check out our full line of training programs, available now at

 Raise your game to the next level with one of our popular training camps for a totally immersive beach volleyball experience. Sign up today!




Brandon Joyner:

With this video, what we're gonna do is we're going to talk about some tips that can hopefully lead to some points on some good float serve. Mark, did you know that you can score a point on your serve? Yes. You did know that? Yeah,

Mark Burik:

Man, I was second in the nation in ACEs per game 2008. 2008?!? Yeah, that's a while ago, but.. well you know.

Brandon Joyner:

Well, even though his answer was yes, it's probably because he's a stud on the volleyball court, but I think a lot of people, especially if you're a beginner or an...

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Great Beach Volleyball Serving Exercise for All Levels


Serving: Around The World

For this drill, we've divided the court into eight portions. We do this simply by laying out some ropes. If you have players with different abilities on the same court, an elite player has to serve all eight spots, while a novice player or a beginner can just serve four spots on the court but every spot has to be designated and every shot has to be called. Watch it on this video!



Our 20 Complete Practice Plans are designed for you to have a smooth practice with a centralized focus for each practices goal.  Each practice plan will come with drill explanations, drill videos, and a schedule for how long you should spend on each drill. All you have to do is show up to the court and motivate your team!  We have taken care of the rest! With these practice plans you can start your journey of getting Better At Beach today!


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Serve, Dig, Set, Retreat, Transition Drill

This is a good Partner or Coach on One drill.

In order to play defense, the server needs to serve to a specific spot, that way we can start getting into a game rhythm with only two people on the court.

We’re going to give our server a target and if they hit that target, they can come in, they're going to play defense once, and then set. The server would need to retreat after because that same ball will be returned back to them via an attack, and then it's a dig-set-hit. We got two hard-driven digs coming at the server.

Watch the video and enjoy!



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AVP Player Shows a Junior How to Win Beach Volleyball Tournaments


Here's a sample of Mark's 1 on 1 Video Analysis session with our junior member. Watch it and pick up valuable beach volleyball tips along the way to your tornament victory!


Our Complete Serve Receive course starts at the bottom and takes you all the way to the top. Whether you are a true beginner, or you've been playing for decades, this course will offer you a chance to build and re-build your basics and take the next jump. Take the time to follow the course and do the drills. We guarantee you are going to Get Better at Beach!

For a glorious immersive experience, sign up for one of our 7-day beach volleyball camps. Enjoy the beach and elite training with pro volleyball players. 

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