Beach Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Tips: Shoulder Exercises


Keep your shoulders healthy, strong and capable of a full range of motion with this beach volleyball training video. Join AVP pro players Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner as they demonstrate solid volleyball workouts for those shoulders. These core shoulder exercises come from the Better at Beach 60-Day training program -- jump higher, hit harder, move faster. Train with the beach volleyball pros!  Learn the RIGHT exercises to elevate your beach volleyball game. We've got programs that are spot-on for players at every skill level. There's no better time than today, right now, to start your training!

We want to show you four shoulder exercises for beach volleyball strength and conditioning that you can do on your own if you want to hit harder and stay healthier.

These core exercises come from our 60-Day beach volleyball training program on It's so important for every volleyball player to keep their shoulders healthy and strong. We also want to make sure that those shoulders have a big range of motion and all our exercises need to focus on that. So these shoulder exercises for volleyball are designed to open up your range of motion and keep you stable and strong in all positions because in beach volleyball and  indoor volleyball, as we know you have to hit from a lot of strange angles.

And all of these exercises are designed to help you stay stronger throughout all of the ranges of motion that you're going to need for a volleyball swing. If you want to hit harder, make sure that you're doing these exercises and make sure that you're doing them at least every time you play volleyball.

With gym access limited and court time is not an option yet in most parts of the country, now's the time to invest in your shoulder health and come back swinging post social distancing.

As we all adjust to the new realities, it's an excellent chance to take time for that shoulder and general strength training we neglect far too often. Build new habits and come back swinging faster and stronger!

VolliBands are versatile band systems that can be used for shoulder/core/leg strengthening and rehabbing exercises and will help develop faster, stronger, and healthier shoulders.

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The exercises in this video come from the Shoulder Endurance Series, in our beach volleyball workout program.

The first shoulder exercise for volleyball players is a front press, 90 degree hold. You're going to put your arms in front of you, holding them up at 90 degrees, so there's a 90 degree bend in your armpit and in your elbows. Keeping them close in front of you. Keep that at 90 degrees. You're allowed to walk with this or move to increase stability. Brandon is using kettlebells. You can also use dumbbells or we if you have exercise bands, we're going to show you a version with those. In the video, Brandon's going to step on one end of the band and hold the other one on top in that same 90 degree shoulder position.

The next beach volleyball shoulder exercise is the static 90 degree military press hold. Your arms are going to be out to your sides at 90 degrees and you are going to hold a weight up there. If you want to challenge yourself, you can always walk back and forth, move sideways to make sure that your shoulders are getting stable and everything's getting tested. We're also going to show this with a band. In case you don't have weights, dumbbells or kettlebells at home. Check the video for the right position with the band. Step on one end of the band  raise your work arm so that your elbow is bent at 90 degrees and your elbow is even with your shoulder girdle. Make sure you hit both arms.

The next easy shoulder exercise for volleyball players is the Lying I Hold. You're going to lay on your stomach and extend your arms straight over your head. Then, you are going to raise the weights keeping those elbows straight. Keep your hands as far off the ground as possible while holding those weights up. Check the video to see Brandon performing the exercise. This is going to test those posterior shoulder muscles. We want to make sure that we can hold it up and stay up. This is an endurance shoulder exercise. 

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In the training video we show you two more versions if you don't want to lie on the ground. You can also do this in a bent over position using the same weights. Bend your hips back, keep your back flat and then raise those hands and shoulders. You want to make sure that you're using a really lightweight here because this can get exhausting. If you don't have weights at home but you want to use bands, you can also do a different version just by putting one leg in front, stepping on the band and holding the "I" position so that your back is flat and your hands and shoulders are raising as high as they can.

This last shoulder exercise for volleyball players that we'll discuss here is the Lying Y Hold. Keep your chest and stomach facing down while lying down or in a bent over position. Next, put your hands up and out in a Y position like when you dance to YMCA. Go ahead, lift those arms and keep them high. 

If you do all of these shoulder exercises before every volleyball practice, match or tournament, you're going to be hitting harder and pain free for years to come.

Like we said, these exercises came out of our 60 day strength and conditioning plan for volleyball players. It's not just a shoulder program. That course provides, mobility, jump training for volleyball, shoulder health, glute activation, volleyball specific conditioning exercises and much, much more. We also have a lot of other videos that show you the right exercises you can be doing to get stronger and better at beach volleyball, so make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the bell so that you can get a notification every time we put out a new video. More important, get on our email list to get exclusive news, opportunities and offers.


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