EP #102: What AVP Teams Did Right/Wrong This Weekend!

In this episode of the Better at Beach podcast, Brandon Joyner and I discuss the AVP Huntington tournament and share our observations and insights. We praise the AVP for its coverage and accessibility on YouTube, allowing viewers to easily watch matches from all courts! We also discuss strategies and tactics used by players, including the importance of simplifying the game when playing with new partners, all by highlighting the impressive performance of Sean Rosenthal and Cody Caldwell, as well as the dominance of Taylor Crabb and Jake Gibb. We also discuss the impact of wind conditions on gameplay and offer tips for adjusting to challenging conditions. The conversation covers various topics related to volleyball techniques, drills, and upcoming camps. Additionally, we share a drill to simulate playing in windy conditions and discuss the concept of zones in setting. The conversation then shifts to analyzing the performance of players in the AVP tournament, including Jake Urrutia, DJ and Brian Miller, and James Shaw. Moreover, we highlight the importance of being aggressive in hitting and the tough competition in the AVP event. The conversation concludes with a discussion on upcoming camps and programs offered by Better at Beach (don't forget to check the links below!) Time stamps 00:00 Teaser Introduction and Overview of AVP Huntington Tournament 04:44 Praise for AVP's Coverage on YouTube 08:42 Impressive Performance by Sean Cook and Cody Caldwell 13:53 Playing with New Partners: Simplify and Trust 24:24 Mastering Spin Control and Wind Conditions 25:15 Drills and Strategies for Coaches and Players 27:23 Understanding Space and Movement on the Court 29:40 Improving Arm Swing Mechanics with the Fix Your Arm Swing in 21 Days Program 38:53 Player Spotlight: James Shaw's Powerful Hitting 43:18 Strong Competition at the AVP Tournament in Huntington Beach 49:20 Upcoming Beach Volleyball Camps and Tournaments COMPLETE WORKOUT PLAN FOR ONLY $37 https://www.betteratbeach.com/offers/... FIX YOUR ARM SWING IN 21 DAYS ONLY $37 https://www.betteratbeach.com/offers/... 🔥 💪 🏐 GET DAILY VOLLEYBALL TIPS AND ADVICE! https://www.betteratbeach.com/youtubedrillbook 🔥My 36 Most Effective Beach Volleyball Drills 🔥My 3 Favorite 50-Minute Workouts For Volleyball Players 🔥My YouTube Playlist Clarifying The Biggest BVB Arguments & Rule Disputes 🔥My Top 20 Lessons Learned From 15 Years As Professional Volleyball Player 🔥SAVE 5% WITH OUR MEMBERS ONLY DISCOUNT CODE for Workout Programs, Online Coaching, Camps, Swag & Merch. https://www.betteratbeach.com/youtubedrillbook The only way to get our course and workout program collection & apply for coaching is through this link. You'll see all of our options after you join the email list. https://www.betteratbeach.com/youtubedrillbook 🏐 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK Facebook https://www.facebook.com/betteratbeachvolleyball Instagram https://www.instagram.com/betteratbeachvolleyball/