Episode #97 JM Plummer - Making Volleyball A Priority

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Summary In this conversation, Mark Burik and JM Plummer discuss the differences between playing volleyball in Florida and California. They explore factors such as weather, competition level, lifestyle, and the availability of courts. They also share their personal experiences and insights on breaking into higher level practices, the importance of mindset and attitude, and making volleyball a priority. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of training against men and how to manage different skill levels in training. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of community, goal setting, and creating a growth-oriented culture in volleyball. In this conversation, JM Plummer and Mark Burik discuss various aspects of beach volleyball, including the importance of understanding and challenging one's level, the difference between winning AA and Open tournaments, the evolution of skills and physicality, the role of arm swing in hitting, breaking through to the main draws, the importance of contrast training, and JM's plans for competing and coaching in the future.
* The choice between playing volleyball in Florida or California depends on factors such as weather, competition level, lifestyle, and the availability of courts.
* Breaking into higher level practices requires a positive mindset, adaptability, and being personable. It is important to be open, friendly, and willing to contribute to the practice environment.
* Making volleyball a priority involves setting goals, being committed, and finding a balance between training and other commitments.
* Training against men can provide a higher level of competition and physicality, which can help players improve their skills and performance.
* Creating a growth-oriented culture and fostering a supportive community are essential for player development and success in volleyball. Understanding and challenging your level is crucial in beach volleyball.
* Winning AA and Open tournaments require different skills and physicality.
* The evolution of skills and physicality is necessary to progress in the sport.
* Arm swing plays a significant role in hitting and can be improved through contrast training.
* Breaking through to the main draws requires technical and mental adjustments.
* Contrast training is an effective method for improving skills and adapting to different situations.
* Becoming a tournament director requires strong organizational skills and the ability to enforce rules.
* JM Plummer has upcoming competitions and coaching opportunities in his future.

00:00 Introduction and Announcements
03:01 Florida or California for Volleyball
09:05 Access to Courts and Community
11:29 Breaking into Higher Level Practices
16:29 The Importance of Mindset and Attitude
22:45 Training Groups and Accessibility
25:12 Managing Different Skill Levels in Training
29:06 Training Against Men
34:46 Dealing with Pushback and Creating a Growth Culture
36:12 The Importance of Understanding and Challenging Level
37:21 The Difference Between Winning AA and Open
39:32 The Evolution of Skills and Physicality
43:14 The Role of Arm Swing in Hitting
46:17 Breaking Through to the Main Draws
49:25 The Importance of Contrast Training
57:46 Becoming a Tournament Director
01:06:45 Upcoming Competitions and Coaching