Episode #96 AVP Legend Adam Roberts

Summary In this episode, Mark Burik interviews Adam Roberts, a storied player on the AVP. They discuss Adam's refusal of social media and his current efforts in preseason training. They also explore the potential of St. Pete as a beach volleyball hub and the shift from Fort Lauderdale to St. Pete. Adam shares his experience hosting elite players at his place and his approach to training and development. They also discuss Adam's ability to play with different partners and his coaching style, emphasizing the importance of confidence in players. In this part of the conversation, Adam Roberts and Mark Burik discuss the importance of the desire to win in beach volleyball. They emphasize that winning is the ultimate goal and that they choose partners based on their belief that they can win with them. They also talk about the confidence and mindset needed to succeed in the sport. Additionally, they discuss the significance of preparation and the dedication required to maintain peak performance. They also touch on the challenges that indoor players face when transitioning to beach volleyball. In this conversation, Adam Roberts and Mark Burik discuss the challenges and strategies involved in transitioning from indoor to beach volleyball. They emphasize the importance of perseverance and the willingness to start from scratch in a new field. They also discuss the need to play to your strengths and not be afraid of being blocked. They highlight the value of sticking to what works and not getting bored with repetitive plays. They also share tips for building a training group and pushing the envelope of skill. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for aspiring beach volleyball players. Takeaways The desire to win is crucial in beach volleyball. Choosing the right partner is essential for success. Confidence and mindset play a significant role in winning. Preparation and dedication are key to maintaining peak performance. Transitioning from indoor to beach volleyball can be challenging. Transitioning from indoor to beach volleyball requires perseverance and the willingness to start from scratch. Playing to your strengths and not being afraid of being blocked are key to success in beach volleyball. Sticking to what works and not getting bored with repetitive plays can lead to consistent performance. Building a training group and competing with something on the line can enhance motivation and skill development.

00:00 Introduction and Announcements
02:48 Adam's Refusal of Social Media
03:13 Adam's Current Efforts
04:26 St. Pete as a Beach Volleyball Hub
06:14 The Shift from Fort Lauderdale to St. Pete
07:14 The Potential of St. Pete as a Beach Volleyball Hub
08:39 The Hidden Gem of St. Pete
10:18 Adam's Beach Volleyball Court in South Carolina
11:18 Hosting Elite Players at Adam's Place
13:31 Adam's Approach to Training and Development
20:26 Adam's Ability to Play with Different Partners
21:26 Adam's Coaching Style and Communication
25:07 Developing Confidence in Players
29:47 The Desire to Win 36:47 Identifying Winners
43:06 The Importance of Preparation
48:23 Being True to Yourself
53:04 Avoiding Complacency
54:50 Spotting Talent and Potential
56:27 The Challenge of Transitioning from Indoor to Beach Volleyball
57:25 The Decision to Transition and the Sacrifices Involved
58:07 Starting from Scratch in a New Field
59:35 The Importance of Playing to Your Strengths
01:01:12 The Time and Patience Required to Reach the Top
01:02:50 The Challenge of Adapting to a New Style of Play
01:04:08 The Ego and Fear of Being Blocked
01:05:06 The Desire to Expand Your Repertoire
01:06:16 The Importance of Sticking to What Works
01:07:25 Overcoming the Ego and Fear of Failure
01:09:21 The Willingness to Be Boring and Do the Same Thing Over and Over
01:11:04 The Importance of Making the Defense Prove They Can Stop You
01:12:34 The Power of Doubling Up on Defense
01:14:09 Tips for Building a Training Group and Pushing the Envelope of Skill
01:19:23 The Value of Friendly Wagers and Competing with Something on the Line




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