Episode #94 Travis Mewhirter - Balancing Being an Athlete, Coach, Author, Commentator, Dad

In this episode, Mark Burik and Travis Mewhirter discuss the transition from playing to coaching in beach volleyball. They explore the challenges and rewards of coaching, including the importance of building trust and effective communication with athletes. They also discuss the use of constraint training and creative problem-solving in coaching. The conversation extends beyond the realm of sports, as they explore how coaching techniques can be applied to personal relationships. They emphasize the value of understanding each other's needs and using strategic advice and support to improve relationships. The episode concludes with a discussion on supporting and coaching coaches, and the road to success in coaching. In this conversation, Travis Mewhirter discusses the ranking and performance of the Try and Came team in the Olympic race. He highlights the importance of breaking through the quarterfinals and the team's consistency in making it to that stage. Travis also shares insights on the qualification process for the Olympics and the points threshold needed to qualify. He emphasizes the role of confidence and mental chemistry in the team's success and the challenges of coaching and parenting. Travis discusses the influence of commentating on his coaching approach and the value of mindset and strategy in coaching. He concludes with a call to action for listeners to support the podcast and coaching programs. Takeaways Building trust and effective communication are key in coaching relationships. Understanding different athlete personalities and needs is crucial for effective coaching. Creative problem-solving and constraint training can be valuable coaching techniques. Coaching skills can be applied to personal relationships to improve communication and understanding. Supporting and coaching coaches is important for the development and success of the sport. Breaking through the quarterfinals is crucial for the Try and Came team to improve their ranking in the Olympic race. Consistency in making the quarterfinals is a strength of the Try and Came team, but they need to win more quarterfinal matches to advance further. Qualifying for the Olympics requires accumulating points through top finishes and aiming for a threshold of around 7,000 points. Confidence and mental chemistry are key factors for the success of the Try and Came team. Coaching requires working harder and dedicating more attention to the game compared to being a player. The transition from player to coach can be facilitated by the skills and knowledge gained from commentating and analyzing matches. Short serving is an effective strategy in beach volleyball, and players should focus on specific areas to dig instead of trying to touch every ball. Mindset and strategy are important strengths for Travis Mewhirter as a coach. Coaches can provide valuable insights and guidance by asking the right questions and helping players find solutions on their own.

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:00 Funnel Hacking and Learning from Others
03:05 Building a Strong Coach-Athlete Relationship
04:04 The Challenges of Coaching
05:01 Creative Problem Solving as a Coach
06:17 Understanding Different Coaching Styles
07:15 Effective Communication as a Coach
08:02 Using Constraint Training in Coaching
09:25 Building Trust with Athletes
10:47 The Importance of Trust in Coaching Relationships
12:24 Explaining the Purpose of Drills and Exercises
13:48 Developing Trust and Communication with Athletes
14:30 Understanding Different Athlete Personalities
20:47 The Importance of Effective Communication in Relationships
22:02 The Impact of Meeting the Right Person at the Right Time
23:08 Using Personality Tests to Improve Communication
24:32 Applying Coaching Techniques to Personal Relationships
26:07 The Importance of Understanding Each Other's Needs
27:20 The Role of Communication in Relationships
29:25 The Value of Asking Questions and Seeking Feedback
30:12 The Power of Strategic Advice and Support
32:43 Supporting and Coaching Coaches
35:27 Helping Coaches Improve and Develop
36:16 Providing Feedback and Analysis for Coaches
36:49 The Road to Paris and Coaching Success
37:00 Introduction and Team Ranking
37:25 Breaking Through the Quarterfinals
38:17 Consistency in Making Quarterfinals
39:05 Qualifying for the Olympics
40:17 Confidence and Mental Chemistry
41:34 Playing to Win and Taking Control
42:48 The Streakiness of Try and Came
43:29 Working Harder as a Coach
44:41 The Transition from Player to Coach
46:27 The Importance of Mentors
47:47 The Challenges of Coaching and Parenting
49:35 The Influence of Commentating on Coaching
50:11 Using Video Analysis in Coaching
52:24 Mindset and Strategy as Coaching Strengths
57:31 The Importance of Short Serving
01:01:00 Specialties as a Coach
01:03:09 The Value of Mindset and Strategy
01:06:19 Closing Remarks and Call to Action




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