Episode #88: This Can RUIN Your Tournament! How To Protect Your Focus. (Parents & Coaches, Please Listen)

In this eye-opening episode of "Better at Beach," hosts Mark Burik and Matt Hazle address a critical aspect of tournament success that often goes unnoticed: maintaining focus amidst distractions. Geared towards players, parents, and coaches, this episode sheds light on the importance of protecting your focus and enhancing performance on the sand.

Episode Highlights:

Understanding Focus Dynamics: Mark and Matt kick off by unraveling the science behind focus and its crucial role in beach volleyball tournaments. They discuss how external factors, such as crowd noise and sideline activity, can disrupt a player's concentration and impact their gameplay.

Impact of Parent and Coach Behavior: Drawing from personal experiences and observations, Mark and Matt dive into the ways in which well-meaning parents and coaches can inadvertently undermine a player's focus. They emphasize the significance of creating a supportive and conducive environment for players to excel.

Mindfulness Techniques: Delve into mindfulness strategies that can help players stay centered and block out distractions during intense tournament moments. Mark and Matt share practical techniques that players, parents, and coaches can implement to enhance focus and mental clarity.

Creating the Right Sideline Atmosphere: Discover the role that parents and coaches play in shaping the sideline atmosphere. Mark and Matt provide insights into fostering a positive, encouraging, and focused environment that empowers players to perform at their best.

Player Autonomy: Mark and Matt highlight the importance of players taking ownership of their focus. They discuss ways in which players can communicate their needs to parents and coaches, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining concentration.

Call to Action:

Players, parents, and coaches, take a proactive step towards tournament success by tuning in to this invaluable episode of "Better at Beach." Learn how to safeguard your focus and create an environment conducive to optimal performance. Subscribe to the podcast for more expert insights, advice, and strategies to elevate your beach volleyball journey.

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Head Coach Mark Burik has been coaching sports for 16 years and has over a decade of playing and coaching experience in volleyball. Burik has been a mainstay on the AVP Tour and also competes regularly on the FIVB World Tour. Recognized as one of the top beach volleyball players in the country, he has numerous championships under his belt and has won the legendary Pottstown Rumble three times. He has been a part of the Gold Medal Squared staff, which promotes a system of teaching designed by national team coaches.
Brandon started playing volleyball in Chester, Virginia when he was 16 years old for his high school volleyball team. As a senior, Brandon was named Virginia State Player of the Year and has been a coach for more than 10 years. He found success in the National Volleyball League as high as third and also took home the “Most Improved” award in 2016.

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Brandon Joyner
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