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Tournament Nutrition

Tournament weekends mean you will empty the tank at the end of every day, so you have got to make sure that you're fueling your body with the correct foods to maintain your energy level throughout the entire tournament.

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What to Eat & What to Drink

What are you going to eat, how much, and when? Write this down, and make a list of foods/equipment you'll need. Do you need a large bag? Cooler? What kind of foods are in the area that your tournament is held? Do you need to pack food or can you get it there? Are you flying or driving to the tournament?

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Last the Whole Day

Tournaments mean not just one match...but SERIES of matches, and by fueling your body with the correct foods you can actually optimize the rate at which your body utilizes nutrients so they can last.

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What's Included ...

Lesson #1

Tournament Nutrition Basics

  • Exactly what to eat for max performance.
  • What to remove from your diet for max performance.
Lesson #2

How to Prepare for a Tournament

  • The best pre-tournament practices and warmups.
  • Eating and sleeping for Max Performance.
Lesson #3

Tournament Day Checklist!

  • What to eat.
  • What to bring.
  • How to last the whole day.
Lesson #4

Coffee, Caffeine & Physical Performance

  • Information from Tradition Coffee Roasters CEO, Brian Burik.
Lesson #5

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching w/Kim Hildreth

  • How to be a better partner.
  • How to be a better Human.

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