Earn Your Better at Beach Level 5 (Navy) Rating

In order to earn your Navy Level 5 Rating, you must also pass the physical skills tests and get a signature from a Better at Beach Master Coach. You can earn your rating through our Complete Player Program or at our in-person Classes, Clinics and Camps.

This quiz will test your knowledge of beach volleyball. This quiz is for advanced players who should have a deep knowledge of the rules and techniques as taught by Better at Beach. Successful completion of this exam, the physical skills test and a signature from a Better at Beach Master Coach earn you your Navy Level 5 Jersey

Serve Quarters of the court in sequential order. Must be at least 7/10.

Pass to a Setter and Attack into quarters in sequential order. 8 spots in 2 minutes. Must use correct footwork.

Pass to yourself, Pass to yourself , Pass Over The Net to yourself. Complete that sequence 6 times in a row without dropping or stopping.

50 Pass - Tomahawk Alternating Touches in a row.

50 Alternating Hands Pokeys in a row.