The 30 Day Setting Blueprint


How to set in volleyball with confidence and consistency.

Learn how to move and get your feet to the ball every time.

Learn the best footwork to deliver consistent sets every time.

Use the best exercises that lead to great sets and all WITHOUT ever needing to step on a court.

YES! You can become a confident setter and you can do it all from home!

Train harder

This course will be the most intensive setter training you’ve ever gone through and you can do it all from home in less than an hour a day!

Gain Confidence

Show up to the court KNOWING you can set WITHOUT losing points on doubles and without  feeling that ugly pressure from everyone on the court.

Show Your Skills

After this course EVERYONE will want you on their side of the net because EVERYONE wants to play with a great setter.

This Blueprint Will Make You A


Deliver perfect sets for your teammates every time.  

Learn how to hand set.

Learn how to lay up the perfect bump set.

We cover both styles of setting technique in great detail. These are concepts you MUST master if you want to be a great setter.

Hand setting is fun AND it makes your partner better! Great setters make their partners look awesome!

With our course, you will learn the ins and outs of bump setting and hand setting.

Get technical and strategic advice that will set you up for victory every time you step on the court!


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Every player has said something like this at some point... 

  • "I’d want to hand set but it’s pretty easy to get called for a lift or a double."


  • "I just can't understand the difference between a good and bad hand set."
  • "Why try to hand set? I'll just lose points."


  • "Hand setting just looks cooler."


  • "I HATE setting in the wind! My confidence DROPS."
  • "I’m never going to be able to UNLEARN indoor setting."


  • "My hands can't generate enough power."

So what's the real problem?!


You might just be thinking, “ I CAN’T hand set." or "I CAN’T bump set.” You’re probably thinking the only way to learn is by LOSING points until you get comfortable.

But that's no fun. Your teammates would be mad at you and you'd hate giving away points.




You could be setting GOLD in no time!

All you need is Positioning, Process, Preparation and Touch.  All of this can be fixed QUICKLY and once you learn it the right way, it never leaves.

This is going to happen so much quicker than you ever thought it would.

We’ll show you how to get on the right track without needing training partners or even a beach!

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Welcome to Better at Beach! 

My name is Mark Burik and I’ve been playing volleyball professionally for 13 years. 

I also run volleyball training camps and classes where I've gotten to work with literally THOUSANDS of athletes.

I’ve been ranked in the top 100 beach players in the world and I won the Continental Championship in 2015.

I played indoor volleyball professionally in Sweden, Norway and Croatia.

I also got the honor of competing in beach volleyball for Team USA at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Today Show, ESPN, several hundred newspaper articles, Volleyball Magazine, Dig Magazine.

I am a certified BCAP I coach with USAVolleyball. 

I’ve coached volleyball in more than 10 countries and 4 national sport federations, USA, India, China, and Norway have hired me for me for my game changing coaching techniques.

The Complete Course Collection


🏐 Athletic Foundations: The 21 Day "Back To Fitness" Challenge

🏐 60 Day Max Vertical: The Complete Workout Plan for Volleyball Players

🏐 Performance Nutrition Guide & Tournament Eating Checklist

Pass With Consistency & Confidence: The Serve Receive Master Class

How To Set In Beach Volleyball: The 30 Day Blueprint for Superior Setting

Side Out and Win Tournaments: The Attacking Master Class

Fix Your Arm Swing in 21 Days

Power, Accuracy & Aces: The Serving Master Class

Ultimate Defender! Skills, Drills & Strategies for Defenders and Blockers





If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Attacking Master Class or The Complete Player Program, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

How Brandon found his setting skills..

"I was a strong setter in indoor and I thought it would make a direct transition to the beach. 

Eventually I found myself unable to compete with better players and the main reason came as a shock to me. One of my partners finally said...

"Your setting is too inconsistent!"

This blew me away.

I started getting so nervous in games every time I had to set and I even gave up hand setting completely.

I kept losing close matches and I know something had to change.

I sought help and spent hours working on JUST my setting technique. One coach changed everything for me in terms of mindset AND technique. I was able to make a HUGE change.

With this new system I was able to make my partners look and play better!

I learned how to set anybody, the way THEY wanted to be set. I learned rhythm, footwork and touch.

Soon, the wins started coming. My partners were playing better because I could always put them in the right spot.

The same year, I learned my new style of setting, I broke out on the NVL and earned Newcomer of the Year!

I NEVER would have got there without the right system.

One of my biggest hurdles, was not realizing how simple changes could make a HUGE difference.

I finally what it meant to be a REAL setter. 

I tried working around my setting but that didn't get me anywhere.

I had to recognize that I would never be able to play at a high level without GREAT SETTING.

Now I'm competing with top ten players every day!

I 100% would NOT be there without the the game changing advice that I got and now we have a way to share it with YOU!

Here's why this is important...


Thousands of players have trained under our system. So many thought setting was just too hard.

We literally hear "Please don't make me hand set!" on a regular basis. Setting can be difficult to learn. Players and refs are obnoxious about calling hands.

But, there's good news.

Our training system and unique setter drills have changed the game for so many players!


We have a FAST and EASY TO FOLLOW SYSTEM that trains players how to set a volleyball cleanly, confidently and consistently in any environment.


I PROMISE you will be on another level in 30 days both in terms of confidence AND performance.

Imagine how good it would feel to set PERFECT balls.

Imagine putting the ball EXACTLY where your teammate needs it, every time.

They are going to LOVE you and love playing with you!

I'm ready to take my setting (and everything else) to the next level

These are the most crucial and yet most misunderstood concepts when it comes to setting...


These 5 keys alone will bring monster improvement to your setting accuracy.

This is the program that will change everything for you!


The 30 Day Setter Blueprint: Set with Confidence and Consistency!



We know how tough it is to learn how to set.

But that's exactly why we are sharing this system. What we have can help you play better volleyball!


30 Days

15 Recorded Team Meetings.

Daily Drills and Exercises to do from home.

The most you will ever need is one other person who can throw a ball.

Match Film Breakdown and Analysis from FIVB and AVP Matches.

Examples of high level setting techniques, tactics and principles.

Individual Feedback!

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Members Only Facebook group where coaches and alumni give you LIVE feedback on your setting videos!

FULL DAILY LESSON PLANS that prepare you to set without even needing a volleyball court. Do this course from home!

*All this and SO much more included in the Elite Tribe membership!*

No more doubles! No more excuses! Sign me up!

Our Personal Guarantee

Normally, for small groups, I charge between $120 and $200 per hour for my time.

Take it from me. I have REAL WORLD TOUR EXPERIENCE. I'm professional athlete who has worked with multiple national federations. We charge those federations close to $20,000 for in person month long training programs. Our camps would cost you $2000 a week with accommodations or flights. 

Don't waste time trying to seek advice from "local open players".

We've trained thousands of athletes and we KNOW HOW TO BUILD A PROGRAM FOR SETTERS! 

WE have 40 years of elite athletics and education plus over a decade on the pro tour!

There is no comparison on the knowledge base and the quality of program that you are getting.

Personally, I’ve spent over $150,000 in education and more than 20 years of dedication to my craft. I’ve spent  probably over $9,000 in my life for programs and access to other world class coaches.




Because I crave seeing my players take huge leaps... 

Because I want you to know what it feels like to have FULL CONFIDENCE in your setting…

Because I KNOW that in one month, you WILL be setting like you never thought possible….

And because I want our awesome team to grow... 


Right now you have the chance to be a part of this training program…

PLUS I’m throwing in our macro training cycle PDF for year round training! This is a bird's eye view of how many days, sets and reps you should be working out during different parts of the year. 

You’ll be getting a professionally designed program with 30 days of drills and video instruction that include video demonstrations AND a progress tracker.  


I GUARANTEE you’ll be happier at the end of the month setting MONEYBALLS instead of continuing to tell yourself your setting sucks.


AND remember...

Our program comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.


I need to be a better setter. I want to be coached by an AVP player. Let's go!

You want to be better... Here it is on a silver platter.


Your time is now! 

If you don’t jump on this, you’re just going to keep stalling. If you want to make change and see REAL improvement, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF not to hesitate.

Have you EVER dedicated 30 hours, or even 3 hours JUST to learning how to set a volleyball properly?!?!

Do you know how quickly the results come with just a little bit of dedicated practice?!


Whether you’ve tried setting programs before or not, and I doubt you have, you KNOW that you are here because something is leaving you unsatisfied. You KNOW that you’ve been playing for a while and your setting STILL isn't as automatic as it should be.

If you’ve stayed this long, it’s because you believe this program will make you better. Any doubts you might still have only come from a sense of not wanting to move. But standing still never got anybody anywhere!

You know that more ability, more athleticism, more points and WAY BETTER PARTNERS are just a couple clicks away and the only bad thing that can happen is you getting a GREAT PLAN THAT WORKS.


You’ve got to commit. If you keep doing nothing when opportunity is in front of you, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!


Every elite athlete I’ve ever met has CRAVED new ways of training and invested in the process. All pro athletes know that if you do what you’ve always done, you are only going to get what you’ve always gotten.

We also know that going from bad to good is easy and happens quickly when you’ve never dedicated proper practice to a skill… 

To change and to be great, you’ve got to see what possibilities lay behind closed doors because no matter what, a new experience will always make you smarter.

Lack of movement or initiative means you get stagnant. You don’t want months to pass, to get back on a court and know in the back of your head, you STILL don’t have true confidence in your setting.

I'm ready to master setting! Sign me up!

The 30 Day Blueprint for Confident and Consistent Setting


Available as a part our Complete Player Program


You first have to believe in yourself. Another untapped level is waiting. You can have fun, impress your friends and win more! 

We’re showing you the path. All you have to do is walk it.


You’re going to regret it if you don’t try our program because where will you be in two months?

How much better will your setting be? You’ve seen other people blow past you with their skills..

You’ve seen them hit new levels and upgrade courts. Don’t say “I should have” in two months.

Don’t be the player that gets left behind.

Be the winner on your court!

Sign up here and let’s get rolling. 

Join me for our setter training. You know in your heart AND in your head that this will pay off quickly.


Dan C.

"it is a determination to be a hand setter really is the answer to why some do and some don't. Just like anything else in life do you really want it. Perceived pain versus perceived reward. What I did is at first I only hand set perfect passes that I could easily get to in games. Too high or if I had to go too far I would still bump set it. I've been slowly increasing the difficulty of the sets that I will hand set and now I know that I can at least get on a court with higher level players because they know at the very least, I can make them look good when they spike!"

Adam K.

"I really wanted to learn to hand set for a few reasons - early on ot was because it looked cool and I thought it would make be a better player. Then it became something I could work on year round in Wisconsin - just setting balls in my lining room all winter. Now I feel like it gives a player better control and it can be used as a weapon."

Katie P.

"I'd pretty much given up on hand setting in beach volleyball. Which was disappointing because I always had so much confidence doing it in indoor. When quarantine hit, I decided this would be my time to nail it. I took 3 private video lessons with Mark and he gave me all the drills and feedback I needed in those sessions. My hands completely changed and I finally FELT like I had real control. I'm coming out of covid twice the setter I was before and with the drills Mark gave me, I never even had to find a volleyball court to do it!"

We’ve had 1000’s of students complete our setter training programs in person and on the web. They’ve all hit new levels of confidence and performance! These players are enjoying tournament wins, league victories and just flat out better volleyball.

We have so many players that aren't in this for the competition. They just want to control the ball and have a good game. Good setting makes that happen and makes the game more fun!


You’ll have full access to our team for questions and problems in our Facebook Group! You didn’t think I’d just leave you to the wolves. NO. I’m going to be there with you through the whole thing!

Today is the day! Learn how to SET BETTER!