Are Your Serves and Attacks WEAK?


Feel Like You SHOULD Be Able To Hit Harder But You're Just Not Getting Any Pace On The Ball?


Nagging Shoulder Pain?


Shoulder Always Sore?


Learn How To Hit With REAL POWER And Do It Pain Free With Better Arm Swing Mechanics!

  • If you've tried everything to get your first overhand serve over the net, but just can't figure it out - this program is for you.
  • If your kids are struggling with overhand power - this program is for them!
  • Develop real power and arm speed!
  • Build your technique from the ground up.
  • Learn how to approach and jump the right way!
  • Get some CONFIDENCE in your offense!

The exact program used by AVP and FIVB World Tour Pro's. 


Guaranteed to help you :

image of beach volleyball player at the net

There is no better feeling than hitting a volleyball with REAL POWER! If you're here, it means you want to add some speed to your hits.

This the best volleyball arm swing training you’ll ever go through and you can do it all from home in less than an hour a day!

I want to train harder!
image of beach volleyball hitting over net

Our injury prevention exercises are built into the program to reduce or eliminate shoulder & back pain

Show up to the court KNOWING you can serve and spike WITHOUT losing power on bad technique and WITHOUT that sore feeling in your shoulder.

I want confidence!
image of beach volleyball match

Let's face it, HITTING HARD IS FUN!

Get ready to unlock power and confidence in your attacking and serving! We'll give you technical and strategic advice that lead to more points! We'll also give you the most important exercises to do at home.

I want results!

What's Included ...

Lesson #1

Strength and Rehab

  • Focus on Strength
  • Focus on the Stability of the Shoulder
Lesson #2

Starting Your Drawback

  • Beginning Your Swing
  • Focus on Mechanics
Lesson #3

Developing Your Technique & Power Mechanics

  • Throwing for Distance
  • Non-hitting Hand and your Hitting Elbow
Lesson #4

Activating the Rhomboid

  • Generate Power
  • Increase Speed & Power
Lesson #6

Throwing the Hip (Torque)

  • Effective Movements for the Hip
  • The Wave
Lesson #8

Finding Your Last 2 Steps

  • Hitting Footwork
  • Hitting Timing
  • Hitting Spacing
Lesson #9

Putting it All Together

  • How to Jump Spike Serve
  • Bonus: Recorded Meeting

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