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Hi, I'm Mark Burik lover of the sand, professional AVP player and beach volleyball coach / mentor. This fall, I silently retired from professional volleyball ~ I’m looking forward to being a father, growing Better at Beach and mentoring HUNGRY ATHLETES.

I’m opening my body of work, my black book of knowledge and experience from 10 years on the AVP tour.

By joining the Complete Player Membership, you'll have access to my education in exercise science and sport psych; my thousands of coaching and training hours; and my strategies and techniques learned from some of the best coaches and players in the world!

Along the way:

  • I tracked and recorded all my best practice plans, crucial drills, seldom talked about techniques and, of course, season plans, workouts and injury recovery/prevention plans.
  • I tracked my diet and recorded which eating plans led to my best energy and results.
  • I recorded video analyses of my toughest defeats and my best wins.
  • I recorded the video analyses of some of the athletes I worked with closely along the way as well as the world class athletes I competed against.

I’ve literally put everything I know about beach volleyball, 17 years of playing & coaching, into easily digestible, self-paced courses that will help you win more matches! I can't wait for you to join the Better at Beach family.

~ Mark

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