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Have a seat while we talk Staff Picks this week!


The beach is supposed to be relaxing right?!

One bump on the road to relaxation station is having a great beach chair! Components that break, liners that rip, uncomfortable material, and super bulky designs are a few reasons why people get irritated before even getting the chance to sit down and relax in the sand!


Our staff picks this week are here to help you find a quality beach volleyball chair based on your specific needs!


Whether it is ease of carrying, portable sized options, or mini cooler attachments to stay refreshed… we got you covered this week.



Top 3 Staff Picks…

Beach Chair Edition!







1) Sport-Brella Folding Backpack Beach Chair 


This chair is equipped with it all!


First, the 7.5lb backpack chair is constructed of waterproof nylon material which is sure to last in all kinds of weather! Conveniently located on the...

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It's all about the BOOM!

Summer is right around the corner and you don’t want to be left training/playing while trying to listen to music off of your phone, right?!

The question then is, “what kind of speaker should I get”?!

Whether you’re looking for something that can help you run a volleyball tournament or a nifty budget friendly option, we’ve got our favorites laid out for ya!


Check out our Staff Picks -

Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Volleyball Edition!




#1 - Sony SRS XP-700


Looking to own the beach?

This Sony SRS XP-700 Party speaker will provide your beach volleyball tournament, court, or even background with all the vibes. Front/rear speakers, mic input, 25 hr battery life, LED lights, charge port for cell phones, and can party connect with up to 100 other compatible speakers…don’t forget it’s splash resistant as well!

When volleyball players talk about bringing the...

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CROSSNET PODCAST: Playing pro volleyball in Europe and underdeveloped beach volleyball skills.


On this episode of the CROSSNET Volleyball Podcast show, USA Indoor Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Millar, talked with me about my path through the game. It's always fun to talk shop with someone you haven't met but then you realize that all of your experiences are so tightly aligned.

"AVP beach volleyball professional and the owner of the Better At Beach YouTube Channel, Mark Burik. Mark and I discuss our experiences playing professional volleyball in Europe, different ways to compete at CROSSNET , Mark’s #1 underdeveloped beach volleyball skill, and his deep desire to help as many people as possible become better players at beach volleyball. 

Enjoy this fun interview with a great ambassador of the game."

You can also subscribe to the podcast and listen here.

Apple podcasts -

Spotify -

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