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Mastering the Art of Passing in Beach Volleyball

Mastering the Art of Passing in Beach Volleyball 


Beach volleyball requires incredible skill and precision; among the most important of which is a great passing game.  Mastering this art can be the difference between a great team and a championship team. As an aspiring beach volleyball player, understanding timing, techniques, key points and how to consistently pass during drills and during game play is essential for improving your passing skills.  With ourComplete Player Program, we can provide you the necessary tools you need to take your beach volleyball game to the next level.  Lets look at several of the topics you will learn about to become a master beach volleyball player.


Understanding Timing and Techniques of Building Your Platform  

Having the perfect platform can be a difficult part of beach volleyball as it requires quick decision-making, proper weight shifting and above all else, timing. To master the art of creating the perfect platform, there are some fundamentals you must understand and apply to your game.  This includes proper technique, angle of entry, steadying the platform arm, a pre-movement position and keeping your wrists straight during contact.  



How to Consistently Pass During Drills and Game Play  

If you want to master passing in beach volleyball, you must understand the basics such as hand formation, serve recieve, platform passing and follow-through. Understanding the principles of passing and using theV Position is also essential. Having a solid and well formed platform dramatically increases passing accuracy. Taking the time to practice and improving on drills will go a long way to help improve passing consistently during game play.   



Key Points to Consider for Improving Your Passing Skills  

Your ability to pass in beach volleyball largely depends on your comfort level, confidence and ability to recognize when and where to place the ball to maximize success. Here are a few things to keep in mind when passing:  

Adjust your weight quickly and efficiently when the ball is directed to your side.  

Utilize the correct hand shape and be prepared to adjust.  

Always keep your eyes fixed on the ball.  

Pay attention to your partner(s) to anticipate where to make the pass.  

Take the time to properly warm-up and stretch to prepare your body.



Utilizing Our Complete Player Program for Maximum Improvement  

To truly become an elite beach volleyball passer, utilizing our Complete Player Program is essential. This program encompasses a variety of topics such as passing, defense, coaching and training tips, as well as warm-ups and strength & conditioning guides. All of these topics and drills are intended to help you become an all-around, complete beach volleyball player.   By taking the time to apply the proper technique, improve your timing and overall comfort level, youll quickly become a master beach volleyball player in no time.  For more information, click HERE to learn more about our Complete Player Program and ways to take your beach volleyball game to the next level.

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