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How to Workout for Volleyball

Jan 29, 2023

How to Workout for Volleyball

Quick, Efficient, No Equipment Needed

If you’re a beach volleyball enthusiast, it’s essential to have quality strength and conditioning to stay at the top of your game. A home gym is the perfect way to strengthen your body, posture, and agility, but what if you don’t have access to a ton of equipment? Enter elastic bands! Elastic bands (also called Therabands) are an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for countless exercises to help you stay in top physical shape.
In this blog, we’ll show you how to do ten beach volleyball home exercises with just elastic bands, so you can strengthen your body at home and sharpen your skills on the court. From shoulder work to heavy lifting, Olympic lifts and plyometrics, these exercises will help you prep yourself for the beach volleyball season ahead.

First up, the 90 degree shoulder hold.

Step on the elastic band and hold it straight out to the side. This exercise strengthens your shoulders and external rotators.

The second exercise is military press with the band out to the side.

For more resistance, add an additional elastic resistance band, double it up, or use a heavier resistance rated band. 

Next, use the TheraBand for hip exercises

Some of the best hip exercises to do with elastic bands are: banded glute bridges, banded clamshells, banded shuffles and banded squats.

The fourth exercise in our series is stability work with rotation.

With a band tied to something sturdy, you can do out, cross and back exercises. For more resistance, move further away or add more bands.

When it comes to heavy lifting, you don’t need a big weight or barbell.

Power bands are perfect for squats, grab them from the outside and they’ll do the job. You can also do step-ups (lunges) and calf raises.

For plyometric exercises, try a depth drop, which is a modified jump exercise.

You don’t even need a plyometric box, just use your kitchen chairs!

Olympic lifts can also be achieved with just elastic bands.

Just treat your squats explosively and jump, extending into the air with the bands under your foot.

Pecs and chest can also be worked out with just bands.

Try a chest press or pushup with the bands under your hands to increase the resistance.

Back and Arm Workouts with Bands.

You can use the bands for body weight rows and lat-pull downs, or incorporate them into your bicep curls and tricep exercises.

Overhead Pulls with Bands. 

Finish with an overhead pull on a chin-up bar or something strong. As you hang, add more resistance with a knee looped through the band and pushing it down.
As you can see, with elastic bands you can do a wide variety of exercises to help you stay in shape for beach volleyball season. With just a few bands, you’re able to hit your whole body – from shoulders to hips to legs, arms and back!
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