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Beach Volleyball Rules: Everything You Need to Know to Play Like a Pro


Basics of Beach Volleyball Rules

Beach volleyball is a thrilling sport that requires agility, strategy, and teamwork. To play like a pro, you need to understand the rules of the game. Here are the basics of beach volleyball rules:


  • The ball must be served from behind the end line.
  • The server must toss the ball and hit it with one hand or arm.
  • The ball must clear the net and land within the opponent's court.
  • If the serve hits the net and lands in the opponent's court, it's considered a legal serve.


  • The receiving team has three hits to return the ball over the net.
  • The ball cannot be caught or carried.
  • The ball cannot touch any part of the body except the hands and arms.
  • The ball must be hit cleanly without any lifting or pushing motion.


  • The attacker cannot hit the ball twice in succession.
  • The ball must cross the net and land within the opponent's court.
  • The blocker cannot touch the ball before the attacker hits it.


  • The blocker can jump and reach over the net to block the ball.
  • The blocker cannot touch the ball during the opponent's attack.
  • If the ball touches the blocker's hands and goes back to the attacker's side, it's considered a block touch.

Advanced Beach Volleyball Rules

Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to learn the advanced beach volleyball rules that separate the amateurs from the pros. These rules include:

  • Switching sides: After every multiple of seven points, the players switch sides to account for the wind and sun.
  • Foot faults: The server cannot step on or over the end line during the serve.
  • Hand signals: The players can use hand signals to communicate with their partner and indicate their intended play.
  • Touches: Any touch of the ball, even unintentional, counts as a hit.
  • Let serves: If the ball hits the net and lands in the opponent's court on the serve, it's considered a let serve. 

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