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5 Ways to Improve Your Defense without Losing Focus

If you're a beach volleyball player, you know that it's not easy to stay focused at times. The sand, the sun, and the noise from your opponents can all distract you from the task at hand. But luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help you stay focused during your game especially on defense. 

Here are the top 5 ways to stay focused during defense in beach volleyball.

1. Visualize

2. Concentrate

3. Move Quickly

4. Anticipation

5. Reaction Time


1. Visualize: 

Visualizing is a great way to stay focused during defense. Think of all the different aspects of the game and how you want your defense to look. Visualize yourself executing the proper technique, and visualizing the play being executed successfully. Make sure to communicate the strategies with your partner and watch how your game elevates.   Mark and Brandon showcase what staying focused - even when out of system - looks like on the court.  Make sure to check out the COMPLETE PLAYER PROGRAM at the end of this blog for all the ways to master your beach volleyball skills.



2. Concentrate:

It may sound obvious, but its essential that you concentrate on the game. Dont let your mind wander to the point where you lose focus. Focus on the action and block out the rest of the distractions around you.  Pay attention to the attacker and know when they are looking AT YOU! 

Mark gives the TOP 3 Things GREAT Defenders Do in the video below.


3. Move Quickly:

If youre playing defense, you need to be quick and move around the court quickly. Be on the lookout for any and all balls that may come your way and position yourself correctly to ensure successful digs.  Moving in the sand can be difficult.  Mastering the chase footwork and other defensive elements will be very beneficial.  You can check out all about Chase Footwork, Reading the Attacker, and Defensive Positioning in our blog -  Beach Volleyball Defense Explained 

4. Use Anticipation: 

Anticipation and good footwork are essential for a good defensive player. Read your opponents body language to anticipate where the ball is going and be ready to react accordingly.  Reading the hitter can be a crucial element to the game.  Read the play as it develops and stay calm. 

Coach Ali tells you WHY you should STOP guessing on Defense!!


5. Increase Defense Reaction Time: 

Finally, improve your reaction time. Good defensive players are able to react quickly to any ball that comes their way. Improve this by practicing many drills that require quick reactions. Some of our favorite defensive drills are found in this practice video with Mark Burik and other professional beach volleyball players.  


 If you use these 5 tips and tricks to stay focused during your defensive duties in beach volleyball, you’ll be sure to make the best possible plays and become an even better defensive player. 

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