Hey guys it's Chaddy Daddy, one of the Coaches, Videographers, Hypemen, & Weight Loss enthusiasts here at Better at Beach! When thinking about what kind of event or challenge we could run before the summer kicked off, nothing seemed more inline with most peoples' goals of getting in "beach shape"!

Now that will look different for everyone. Some might just want to lose a quick 5lbs, some might be like me & want to lose 30-40lbs before the summer. We will go over a bunch of details, tips/tricks/tools, and goals surrounding your own weight loss journey before summer begins.

All I need from you is to quickly fill out the form below so I can get a better understanding of where you are now (starting line) and where you want to go (finish line). It's really that simple!

We also will meet twice a week (Monday & Thursdays) to go over different topics, celebrate success stories, and reevaluate any less than ideal situations! Thank you again for your interests and I honestly can't wait to share all the powerful information I have gathered while on my own personal journey! Let's get better!!

How This Works:

1) Register and Fill Out Form So We Can Reach Out With Challenge Information

2)Develop a 5 week goal with Coach Chad...this could be a calorie deficit, total pounds lost, or restricting certain items for the diet

3) Come to live zoom meetings every Monday & Thursday to learn some essential dieting hacks, basic principles, and progress celebrations.

4) Winner of the 5 Week Challenge will receive a Free BaB Swag Pack along with of course the total weight loss!

5) Get your friends to come along as this is 100% free and a great way to get ready for the summer!

Register Below To Join The Challenge!

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