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How to Set in Beach Volleyball: The 30 Blueprint for Superior Setting

Did you know that great setters always get picked first as partners? 

The Complete Setting Course will help you become an amazing setter and we all know everyone LOVES playing with amazing setters!

Perfect for beginners learning how to play volleyball and higher level players looking for advanced ideas and tactics!

What's inside...

  • Tips on how to set yourself up to make a good set
  • Basic "how to" for bump setting and hand setting
  • Tips to help you be the best partner out there
  • Drills to help you perfect the skill of setting

Become an expert in each skill.  Each program gives you:

  • Mastery over the fundamentals.
  • Video tutorials.
  • A progression program to follow.
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Helpful tips for quick fixes.
  • In depth coaching.
  • Access to our online coaching groups where you can post your skill and drill videos to get PERSONAL FEEDBACK.
  • Access to every webinar and video analysis.
  • 1 LIVE weekly meeting with your coach for Q&A.

You also get access to our Continued Learning Virtual Library which is  constantly updated with new drills, ideas, webinars, etc. Your training never ends and your potential is limitless!