Beach Volleyball 101: How to bump, set, spike, and serve


Learn the fundamentals of beach volleyball for more fun, less frustration, more confidence



Learn how to bump consistently

Learn how to set your partner in the right spot

Learn the mechanics that will lay the foundation for your game

This is the best beginner's program for beach volleyball, period.

Extensive focus on bumping, setting, and maximizing fun on the sand, preparing you for long term success!

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This course will lay the foundation of your beach volleyball game, beginning with the most fundamental of the skills: How to bump a volleyball consistently. 


Simply knowing how to spike will give you a confidence you never knew you could have. Learn the mechanics and basics of a perfect spike. 


You will never turn back once you've completed this program. You'll be bumping consistently, setting your partner, spiking hard. You will both feel and play like a real beach volleyball player!

This beginner's program for beach volleyball will allow you to tap into your potential as a player. 

It's time to see how far you can go! 

There is no better feeling than showing up to the beach KNOWING how to play. 


You CAN develop into the best player in your group or social league. 


Are you tired of going from practice to practice with no real direction? 


Have you tried other programs and coaches without any REAL RESULTS? 


Are you embarrassed sometimes when you shank a pass or miss a serve? 


When's the last time you really felt confident on the beach? 


You definitely want MORE FUN and LESS FRUSTRATION!


Whatever your reason, you are in the right place. We are going to lay down the foundation for your complete beach volleyball game. There are crucial keys that every player must know that most people never even hear!


Let's face it, you want to know how to bump, set, spike and serve!

You WANT to surprise people with your newfound skills!


Get ready to unlock the beach volleyball player within you that you didn't think you had!

We'll give you technical advice and DAILY PROGRAMMING that gets results!

We'll also show you how to do much of it from home!

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Every beach player WANTS to bump more accurately. 


Every beach player WANTS to spike harder.


Every beach player WANTS to set their partner well. 


But most people never realize their full potential!


  • " Every time I try to hit hard, it goes into the net."


  • "I'm so nervous to pass a ball. I'm embarrassed when I shank my bumps. 


  • "I'm not an athlete. My body just isn't meant to be one."
  • "I can't hit my serve over the net!"


  • "I'm too old. This game is for the youngsters."
  • "My partners get frustrated with me because I can't set them well."


  • "Volleyball would be so much more fun if I could just control the ball a little better."


  • "I get frustrated because I don't seem to be getting any better."

So what's the real problem?!


You might just be thinking,


“ I CAN’T play this game."


"I don't HAVE the athleticism."


as if these are some innate abilities reserved for certain people.


You've probably "rationalized" because you never really put in the time to get better.


"I just have to play a different way."

"I can't bump like the better players."

"I'm not a jumper, so I can't spike."




You could add real skills to your game!


An excellent foundation of skills can be built on three easy concepts:


These are easy to fix! I promise you can master the basics of beach volleyball!

You're going to wonder why no one ever explained these before!

Training for beach volleyball is EASY! You just need the right programming! 

The training programs fed to us in the media, youtube, instagram, facebook etc. AREN'T MEANT FOR BEACH PLAYERS!

REAL SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING is not pretty. It's methodical and scientific! For that reason, it's always been kept behind closed doors in the private gyms of professional athletes. 


We'll show you how to develop a solid foundation of skills! We'll show you how to train for sports THE RIGHT WAY and you’ll never turn back.

With our system you'll see IMMEDIATE RESULTS.


Welcome to Better at Beach! 

My name is Mark Burik and I’ve founded 4 different successful fitness and sport related companies; Better at Beach, VolleyCamp Hermosa, Aviator Sports Performance in Brooklyn, NY and Final Chapter Fitness Inc., which focused on personal fitness training. 



I’ve also been playing volleyball professionally for 13 years. I played indoor volleyball professionally in Sweden, Norway and Croatia.

I’ve been ranked in the top 100 beach players in the world and even won the Continental Championship in 2015.

I also got the honor of competing in beach volleyball for Team USA at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. 


I’ve coached in more than 10 countries. I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Today Show, ESPN, several hundred newspaper articles, Volleyball Magazine, Dig Magazine.

I have a multiple certifications including:

  • Degree in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

I’ve also been hired for my expertise by 4 different national sport federations, USA, India, China, and Norway.

I grew up playing every sport you can imagine... 

I was pretty good, too.


But through all of the sports I played, it took me way too long to master the basics of beach volleyball.  

I've always been a worker. I found training programs and hammered them out relentlessly. 

I felt like I was becoming a better player. 

I knew how to bump, set, and spike a ball. 

But I was never able to do any of it consistently. That was my dream: To show up to the beach knowing I'd be able to do the basics well. 

I looked at the players around the beach who seemed to play so effortlessly and just thought...

Well, I guess it'll never be that easy for me. 

Eventually, I gave up on the idea that I'd be able to play as consistently, as easily, as them. 

I tried to develop other skills on my own, to make up for all of my shortcomings. 


I had given up on MASTERING THE BASICS.  

But at the beginning of my second summer playing, everything changed.

I decided to watch some of the best players practice, to see how they developed their skills.

They did things SO different!

They spent 70 percent of their practice time NOT PLAYING GAMES!


After working so hard for so long and thinking it just wasn't in me 

I realized that the top athletes in the world have a dirty little secret...

They have the formula.

I went to work applying this new style of training. 







I had to re-learn what hard work meant.

I had to train with a FORMULA instead of just grit.

After making a final that summer, I knew I had found it

and that I needed to share it with all the athletes that came after me. 

I'm proof that if you have the right teachers and you try new things, you can hit new levels no matter where you are.

Here's why this is important...


I've trained thousands of athletes and they always think that becoming a good beach volleyball player is a pipe dream.

I see the eye rolls when I show people how they can master bumping and setting in just a few easy steps. I KNOW when people say in their minds "Yeah, but I can't do it like that."

And then 3 weeks go by under using our system, and WHAM!

"I set my partner PERFECT!"

"I bumped where I wanted to!"

"I spiked a ball NOBODY thought I could!"

Our Beginner's Guide to Beach Voleyball gets FAST RESULTS!!!


Our videos have 1 MILLION views for a reason!


This is a FAST and EASY TO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP SYSTEM for learning the keys and training your body to play like a REAL BEACH VOLLEYBALL PLAYER!


WE GUARANTEE you will be on another level after just 20 days with us!  

Imagine showing up to the court KNOWING you have the fundamentals mastered. Imagine KNOWING you won't shank any passes. Imagine KNOWING you'll set your partner perfect.

Get on the sand and HAVE FUN!

Everyone watching will be wondering what your secret is.

I'm ready to take my athleticism to the next level

These are the most crucial and yet most misunderstood concepts for how to develop real beach volleyball fundamentals.

These 3 keys alone will 10X your game and give you killer confidence. 

It's time to introduce the program that will change everything for you!


Beach Volleyball 101:

How to bump, set, spike, and serve



You know in your heart AND in your head that this will make you better.

You know that what we have can help you..


  • How to bump a volleyball.
  • How to spike a volleyball.
  • How to set a volleyball.
  • How to serve a volleyball.
  • Important lessons and drills for serving, passing, setting, and attacking
  • Important keys to remember when you play your next game.
  • Basic tactics to help you get a few extra points.
  • Beginner Volleyball Drills you can do at home!



Overcome your personal obstacles!

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Our Personal Guarantee

Most programs with this level of detail  and access to a national team coach and professional athletes with REAL WORLD TOUR EXPERIENCE, would cost at least $2000.

Don't waste any more time trying to find new coaches or videos. WE HAVE BUILT THIS PROGRAM AND IT'S PROVEN TO UPGRADE YOUR BEACH VOLLEYBALL GAME!

WE have 40 years of elite training experience and exercise science.

There is no comparison to the quality of program that we provide.

Personal training of this quality would easily cost over $2,000

Personally, I’ve spent over $150,000 over 20 years in education and world class training from the top coaches on the planet.



I crave seeing my athletes improve... 

I want you to know what it feels like to play beach volleyball at a whole new level!

I KNOW that in just 20 days, you WILL be playing beach volleyball like you never thought possible….


Right now you have the chance to be a part of this program…

You'll master the basics for just $27!

You’ll be getting a professionally designed program with drills and video instruction plus tracking sheets to measure your progress!


At that price, you'd get less than 2 hours of personal training.


Our program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


I need to master the fundamentals. Let's go!

You want to to know the secret sauce that leads to a



Here it is on a silver platter.


Your time is now! 

If you don’t jump on this, you’re just going to keep stalling. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF not to hesitate.

It's time to change your fate and FINALLY tap into your potential!!!





You KNOW that you are here because something is leaving you unsatisfied. You KNOW that another level is possible.

If you’ve stayed this long, it’s because you KNOW this training program will make you a better beach volleyball player. 

You know that a big spike and great setting is just a couple clicks away.

So let's go! Standing still never got anybody anywhere!

You’ve got to commit. NOTHING WILL CHANGE if you don't try something new!


All pro athletes know that if you do what you’ve always done, you are only going to get what you’ve always gotten.  

You’ve got to see what possibilities lay behind closed doors. 

You don’t want months to pass knowing STILL don’t have the explosive edge on your opponents.

I'm ready to learn the basics! Sign me up!

Beach Volleyball 101: How to bump, set, spike and serve


What's inside...

  • How to bump a volleyball.
  • How to spike a volleyball.
  • How to set a volleyball.
  • How to serve a volleyball.
  • Important lessons and drills for serving, passing, setting, and attacking
  • Important keys to remember when you play your next game.
  • Basic tactics to help you get a few extra points.
  • Beginner Volleyball Drills you can do at home!

Value:  $1200+  |||||  Today: $24.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 You first have to believe in yourself and know that your untapped level is waiting. You can get consistent bumps, accurate sets, big spikes, and powerful serves. You can impress your friends and crush your competition! 


You’re going to regret it if you don’t try our program. Where will you be in two months?

Have your skills taken any MASSIVE LEAPS lately?

Don't you want to make plays that make people say "WHOA, THAT WAS SICK"?

You’ve seen people take it to new levels. Now it's your turn!

Don’t get left behind.


Let’s get rolling. 

Join me and become a true Beach Volleyball Player!



Kyra L. 

"I can literally SEE my growth. Seriously, I film all my practices and games and it's so DIFFERENT now! After a few weeks with this program, I actually look and feel like a beach volleyball player!"

Ruby D. 

"I used to be so embarrassed to play because I could never bump where I wanted, and I rarely set my partner where she wanted. I'm far from perfect, but it's so much more FUN being able to actually play beach volleyball now. THIS ROUTINE HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER!"

Bryson S.

"I started playing beach this summer with some friends as a way to get out during quarantine. Your courses have been super helpful on getting me started! We're all beginners but now we have some simple drills to do and it's totally helping. Much love to the channel, the site and the courses dude"

We’ve had thousands of students complete our training programs. They’ve all hit new levels of confidence and performance!

Consistent passing, accurate setting, tournament wins, league victories and they are flat out better beach volleyball players. 

The fundamentals make it easy to score more points, control the game, have more fun!

You’ll be meeting with us LIVE to ask questions and get PERSONAL FEEDBACK!!!

We're going to be with you at every step making sure you hit a new level!

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