60 Day Strength & Conditioning Plan for Beach Volleyball

Lifting, Conditioning and Mobility for Beach Volleyball. 60 Days to quick first steps, huge verticals, unshakeable shoulders and stronger, leaner, healthier bodies built for the beach!

Never before has a program been so meticulously designed to focus on the beach volleyball player. We take you rep by rep, set by set, day by day through all of the most crucial exercises and workouts that will get you to the next level.

Get Faster, Stronger and More Mobile HERE


Beach Volleyball is a game of constant surprises. Your body needs to be capable of making plays in every position.


The first key to jumping higher and hitting higher is getting stronger. We don't skip any details. 


Get to every ball from here on out! This program WILL get you quicker and faster! There is no substitute for speed. Our program gets you into 5th gear!

"I can feel my body changing. I can see it too. I can just move through the sand with big strong steps and every move is just easier. All that AND my knee pain has disappeared"

Brendan R.
Software Engineer / CBVA Tournament Player

A Professionally Designed Lifting, Conditioning and Mobility for Beach Volleyball

60 DAYS TO: - Quick First Steps - Huge Verticals - Unshakeable Shoulders - Stronger, Leaner, Healthier Bodies
Composed by Mark Burik:
- AVP/FIVB Professional Beach Volleyball Player
- USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team Coach
- Performance Enhancement Specialist
- Corrective Exercise Specialist
- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Bachelor of Science Cum Laude - Exercise Science: George Mason University


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