What is Better at Beach?


0:00 Who we are:

I, Mark Burik, started VolleyCamp Hermosa in 2015 mid-way through my career as a professional beach volleyball player. Originally, it was only designed as a camp (and somewhat of a volleyball hostel) where players could book accommodations, training partners and a high level coach in ONE CLICK.

As the popularity of my camps and private lessons blossomed, I began to open up more opportunities by hosting regular classes for locals.

That, too, became successful and we’ve added more coaches and people to the team. We have always kept quality of coaching and small groups (NO LINES) as our priorities for in-person coaching. Under the advisement of friends who are way smarter than me, I ran a few webinars and posted some drills on YouTube to extend my reach and help promote my knowledge of the game and my offerings. That was one of the first steps in really attempting to establish a global reach.

Tonya Stumphauzer is the VolleyCamp Hermosa and Better at Beach social media manager and our video editor/graphic designer. After everyone in the world saw how awful I am at video editing and production, Tonya came along and 10x’d our reach through higher quality videos and content creation. She remains an integral part of our growth and our ability to teach beach volleyball. If you have a small business or need some videos shot and edited, you must get in touch with her.

John Magueflor is our administrative director who lives in the Philippines and is an absolute BEAST when it comes to organization (something I lack). His presence ensures that your emails get answered quickly and thoroughly and any account problems are fixed. He’s an amazing person and unbelievably good at his job.

Brandon Joyner is my business partner, the co-founder of Better at Beach, an exceptional coach, an educational expert, a great volleyball player and one of my best friends. He was the NVL Newcomer of the Year back in the 1800’s (haha) and made the move to Hermosa Beach to pursue his AVP and FIVB goals. He’s a great teacher and a better human. We decided that we could grow something special together and he became a full partner in VolleyCamp Hermosa and what is now Better at Beach.

Better at Beach came about because we needed a name and a platform that represented our main goal; Help 1 Million People Get Better at Beach Volleyball. That just wouldn’t be possible running small, in person groups.

VolleyCamp Hermosa, is a name that we are slowly letting go of. It’s the name and the company that built all of this but we just thought it was too regional and since it held the word ‘camp’, it didn’t fully represent what we were trying to build and it had no potential of growing beyond the borders of Hermosa Beach.

Literary savant and AVP player, Travis Mewhirter edits and writes beach volleyball articles for us. He plays a huge role in making our content digestible and intriguing through his writing in our blog.

This platform exists to help you improve in beach volleyball as a coach or as a player.

3:32 Who You Are:

Anyone who wants to get better at playing, coaching or understanding beach volleyball. We are constantly creating tools, blogs, videos and training opportunities for players at each and every level.

4:55 What it means to interact with our website:

We have worked our butts off to create an immersive learning experience PACKED with information that covers, technique, tutorials, drills, strategies, workouts, and more.

6:27 If you head to our blog:

We have assigned every post to a category and when you click on that category, you will be shown all of the free content we have filmed and written that has to do with that category.

In our blog, we also find and partner with great companies who offer goods and services that we know you are looking for if you play beach volleyball. From supplements and CBD balms to the best sports drinks. From board shorts and bikinis to our favorite sunscreens and net systems. We work hard behind the scenes to create special discounts on those products for people who come to our site and usually we get a small cut of that sale.

Our VolleyChat forum is a community designed to allow players and coaches from all over the world to interact, ask questions and answer each other’s questions. Professional volleyball players, moderate those boards so the answers and responses will be of the highest quality. We want this to be a space where you can discuss everything beach volleyball and also help each other!

If you ever have a question, post it there because there is no doubt we have thousands of other players who have the same question or fought the same battle.

If you are interested in training with us in person, you can sign up for our local classes and private lessons on our website. We also organize beach volleyball camps and volleyball vacations around the world.

We are hoping to franchise and help other great coaches and community leaders create their own companies utilizing our tools and teaching. The goal is to open Better at Beach Clubs all over the United States and the world.

Get in touch with us if you want a fast, easy system to build your beach volleyball coaching company. You’ll get to take some coaching courses with us and then we can set up your unique page for your area on our website in less than a week .

Our online courses and workout programs are very tightly organized programs designed to take you step by step through skills, techniques and strategies. Watch our videos and then follow our strict training guidelines and we guarantee you’ll get better. The courses all have progress bars so that when you sign in, you can pick up exactly where you left off. We have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the content of the courses.

8:02 What it means to be on our email list:

I’ve spent 5 years learning about email systems, marketing, offers and all the other business-y stuff that an athlete didn’t have to pay attention to. I learned a lot but in the end we have stuck to our company goals in building our emails.

When you sign up for our list and tell us your interests, we have it set up so that you will get to know us a little better from our personal stories, successes and failures and most importantly, 95% of what you will receive is beach volleyball education. We make each one of our free videos and blogs into an email and then we space it out so that we don’t flood your inbox and it comes at a digestible rate.

There are sometimes where we offer our courses because we know how valuable and helpful they can be. We definitely spent the most time and care creating courses that get fast results. So every now and then we’ll send you an email that talks about our course or a great product but ALL of the other emails are to get our hundreds of hours of training content in front of your eyes. We are working on building an easy way to control which you receive.

If you don’t open ANY of our emails for a 90 day period, you won’t receive any more educational emails. To show our appreciation for the people who are paying attention the most, we DO offer special discounts and limited capacity opportunities to our email list members.

12:52 What it means to be a subscription member:

We have several different ways to become an elite member and that comes with some serious perks. Every two weeks, we run a Member’s Only online beach volleyball training through Zoom. During these meetings, we’ll talk about where we are in our training cycle and what we are working on. We also help you build and maintain your training. We go through pro match and practice film to discuss in depth technique and tactics and we also use our members’ film. This all happens live which means you can ask questions and get them answered on the spot.

Monthly members are our first tier for discounts and training opportunities.

Subscription members also get access to ALL of our unedited recorded webinars and video private lessons. We title them so that you know the bulk of the info they contain.

Lastly, our continued learning modules for our courses are all open to our monthly members. These are extensions and additions to the courses. Our knowledge base grows as we work with new coaches and get new studies. So imagine our courses as something like a static book (with videos) and then our continued learning modules as all of the extra credit and tiny details that really count beyond that.

14:26 How you can support us:

Every Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share is HUGE for us. It costs you nothing but it helps introduce us to new audiences. Likes and comments show social media platforms that we have high engagement rates which means our content shows up on more people's feeds. It also shows other great companies that we have an attentive audience which gives them more reason to offer us great deals to pass on to you. Quite literally, if you like, comment, subscribe and share what we create, it will help YOU get better discounts and deals on the products and services you need to get better at beach volleyball.

Open our emails and click on something. This is something I didn’t know until dove very very deep into online business and marketing education. Email softwares like gmail, yahoo, etc., keep track of how many people open and engage with emails from a certain sender. If I send out lots of emails but no one opens them, the system starts thinking I am a spammer and it will automatically start sending my emails directly to you AND other spam and junk inboxes. Even if you don’t have time to read it, opening an email and clicking on a link goes a long way in keeping our company healthy with the ability to reach more players. If you like a company or the people behind it, open their emails and for a bonus, click on a link inside.

Click on our partner links and ads to purchase something, even if it’s not related to volleyball. We get a tiny percentage anytime you click on an Amazon ad and then buy ANYTHING. You don’t even have to buy what you clicked on! We also work with great companies and our affiliate links go a long way to helping our relationship with them and they reward us for building a great beach volleyball website.

Become a subscription member.

Take a course.

Sign up for a private video lesson.

Join a class in person.

Get a private lesson.

Come to a beach volleyball camp in Hermosa Beach, CA or a volleyball vacation.

Hire us to come to your town and run clinics for your social group, team or club.

Buy our apparel from our TeeSpring account. https://teespring.com/stores/better-at-beach

24:15 People we need or want

We have a small budget but we are also happy to trade lessons and course access for skills.:

Photographers, videographers and editors.

Enthusiastic and dedicated beach volleyball coaches.

Writers who know beach volleyball, health, nutrition, fitness and sport psychology

Players who want to learn the game in exchange for helping at our practices.

Hotel/Resort managers or anyone who can get us in contact with GREAT beaches that have accommodations nearby.

Internet marketers: email, facebook, google, instagram, pinterest, etc.

Techy people who know how to code websites and software.

People to start beach volleyball conversations and questions on our websites and keep the conversation going.

Small business owners who see our athletic audience as a great fit to your products and services.

Graphic designers.

Everyone who has been dying to get the training and advice they want but just couldn't make it out to California is now going to have the chance to have access to the best training programs in the world. From practice plans and tutorials, to a complete 60-day pre-season training plan that no high school or college hopeful should miss, we are moving ahead full steam with our first mission to make ONE MILLION people better at beach volleyball!

We are your one-stop shop for online beach volleyball training. We have made it easier than it has ever been to access fundamental and technical knowledge to bring out the A game in you.

We want to equip EVERYONE with the tools and knowledge that decades of playing and coaching at the professional level can bring. We know first hand how difficult it is to find quality, high level beach volleyball coaches and we don't want you to experience the same repetitive mistakes and slow learning that we went through early in our careers. VolleyCamp Hermosa is our flagship training academy in Hermosa Beach, California and we know that coupled with our online courses, your game will hit new levels.

Subscribe to our email list, get a Free Drill Book and stay up to date for our upcoming merchandise and coveted online courses.


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