Coaches' Camp LONG BEACH, NEW YORK: July 21-23


8:30-11:00 - Passing Fundamentals, Serve Receive & Serving
11:00 - 12:00 - Lunch Provided & Mental Session "Know Yourself As A Player & Build Your Offense"
12:00 - 2:00 - Setting Fundamentals, Bump Setting, Hand Setting & Transition Setting
3:00 - 4:30 -Emergency Touches and Competitive Games 

8:30-11:00 - Spacing and Approach Footwork
11:00 - 12:00 - Lunch Provided & Mental Session "How To Eat & Workout For Volleyball"
12:00 - 2:00 - Arm Swing Mechanics: Power vs. Shots
3:00 - 4:30 - Vision, Decision Making and Accuracy + Competitive Games

8:30-11:00 - Defensive Posture, Positioning & Hard Driven Digs
11:00 - 12:00 Lunch Provided & Mental Session "Mental Toughness & Building Routines"
12:00 - 2:30 - Chasing Shots and Diving Digs, Reading the Hitter, Blocking and Peeling


You also get:

Lunch Included (Sandwiches & Wraps)
Tri-Blend Tee
Hat or Visor
Performance Journal
Sport Lanyard
Stickers and Magnets
Wilson OPTX Volleyball
A Printout of Every Exercise With Important Keys To Remember So You Can Keep Improving On Your Own

*** You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodations.


Our courts will be on the beach in front of

1 Laurelton Blvd, Long Beach NEW YORK 11561

Free parking at the lot on W Broadway between Lafayette and Laurelton, free parking on streets as well.

Everyone, ages 13 & up, (including parents & other spectators) is required to have a beach pass in order to access the beach. Passes can now be purchased online and accessed through your smartphone • (


Our three-day camps for beach volleyball coaches provide a comprehensive program that covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our camps also come with 8 Weekly Video Meetings for the most comprehensive Beach Volleyball Coach Training on the planet! 

Here are the key components you should be looking forward to:

8 ‘Classroom Style’ Zoom Sessions:

Game Strategy and Tactics: We teach coaches how to analyze matches, develop game plans, and make strategic decisions.

Skill Progression and Development: We provide insights into the progressive development of skills and techniques at different levels.

Player Assessment and Evaluation: We help coaches understand how to assess players' strengths and weaknesses, and provide effective feedback for improvement.

Coaching Ethics and Philosophy: We will discuss the importance of ethical coaching practices, positive coaching techniques, and creating a supportive team environment.

Practical Demonstrations:

Technical Skills: Conduct detailed demonstrations of fundamental beach volleyball skills such as passing, setting, spiking, serving, blocking, and digging.

Practice Planning: Guide coaches on structuring effective practice sessions, including warm-ups, drills, and game-like scenarios.

Position-Specific Training: Provide specialized training for different positions, including strategies, responsibilities, and positioning on the court.

Competitive Game-Like Drills: We emphasize the importance of scenario focused, competitive games to develop decision-making, teamwork, and individual skills.

On-Court Practice:

Skill Development: We provide coaches with hands-on opportunities to practice and refine their coaching techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors. You will play the role of assistant coach to our Better at Beach Team. We will create practice plans and guide you in the type of feedback and the intent behind the drill design.

Peer Collaboration: We encourage coaches to observe and learn from each other's coaching styles and strategies.

Feedback and Evaluation: We conduct regular feedback sessions where coaches receive constructive criticism and guidance to enhance their coaching abilities.

Guest Speakers and Q&A Sessions:

We will have experienced NCAA, AVP & World Tour beach volleyball coaches, professional players, sports psychologists, strength & conditioning specialists, & nutrition experts share their insights and experiences. We will allocate time for coaches to ask questions and engage in interactive discussions.

Video Analysis of Matches AND Practices

We utilize video analysis tools to review and analyze game footage, highlighting key coaching points and demonstrating effective strategies. We show you real world examples of players and coaches implementing high level strategies.

Networking Opportunities:

We provide opportunities for coaches to connect and network with each other, fostering a supportive community and allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences across all levels ranging from youth all the way to pro!

Resources and Handouts:

We distribute comprehensive coaching materials, including practice plans, drills, strategy guides, fitness & workout routines and additional resources to support coaches in their ongoing development.


Better at Beach Camps go beyond just the content. We also foster a positive and inclusive learning environment where coaches feel supported, encouraged, and motivated to enhance their coaching skills.

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