ADD ON our 21 Day "Back To Fitness" Tournament Prep Challenge. 

Get your body from zero to tournament-ready in 3 weeks with daily mobility workouts, "at-home" strength workouts and easy ball control drills you can do solo or with a partner.

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The Practice Planning SuperPack - 50+ Practice Plans and Video Demonstrations


Don't show up to practice unprepared again! The secret behind all great teams is great coaching and well run practices.  We have compiled over 50 complete practice plans! 

Start getting better today.

What you'll get:

  • 20 Complete 2 hour Practice Plans with Video Demonstrations
  • Printable drill explanations
  • 100+ New Drills 
  • Planned Schedule for each Practice



Make coaching, practice planning and drill design EASY!

You'll also get

  • The How to Build a Practice Video Course
  • 38 Written 2 Hour Practice Plans! PDF
  • Advice on how to teach skills and solve problems as a coach.

Become an expert in each skill.  Each program gives you:

  • Mastery over the fundamentals.
  • Video tutorials.
  • A progression program to follow.
  • Drills to train yourself or your players at home or on the court.
  • Helpful tips for quick fixes.
  • In depth coaching.

This is constantly updated with new drills, ideas, webinars, etc. Your training never ends and your potential is limitless!


"This plug and play coaching has saved me hours and a ton of stress. I used to freeze up in front of my athletes and get frustrated that they were doing drills wrong. I used to get so angry but I knew it wasn't their fault. Having a script of drills that start from the basics and builds up means I know where my players are at and I don't have to get disappointed in them OR myself anymore. THANK YOU!!"

- Colby B.