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Passing Nails! The Complete Serve Receive Course - From Beginner to Elite

If you want to become a passer who is absolutely "Lights Out", this is your answer. There has never been an online course built with such detail before. Learn how the pro's get to where the are from the pro's themselves! Serve Receive is the most critical skill in volleyball and it's time to master it!

What you'll get:

  • 19 Lessons
  • 7 Serve Receive Drills that the Pro's use Every Day
  • Video Tutorials with Live Examples of High Level Techniques
  • Study the movements and tactics of the world’s best players.
  • Coaching from an actual World Tour Professional!

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What People Are Saying:

“Training was awesome and I definitely learned a lot. It felt like my brain was going to implode at times trying to implement 7 new things at once but you’ve given me a great list of things to go and work on. You are a fantastic coach – obviously very knowledgeable, always energetic, and you definitely inspire your athletes (me included) to want to work hard for you. You also modify your coaching style to suit your athletes which is a skill not that many coaches have.”

Christie, NVL Champion, Melbourne, Australia

“As a competitive Midwestern beach volleyball player, it can be very difficult to get professional level coaching or competition to help elevate our game.... The lessons I learned from Mark extended beyond the court or the gym. Just observing how he prepares for success and the level of dedication he has was shocking. I can confidently say that my game improved immensely over the course of a week by challenging my both mentally and physically. I came back afterwards and people took immediate notice of how much stronger I was mentally and how much my game improved. I came back stronger, faster, more confident and much more knowledgeable on how to succeed and continue to improve.”

Brenden, Columbus, Ohio

“My improvements were MASSIVE!! In spring 2015, prior to working with you, I was terrible at volleyball… Could barely hang in an A rated tournament and, in the past few years, did not qualify for anything. I never got more than an A-rating in the CBVA!! After starting with you, I made 2 finals winning once, and earned my AAA twice. I never finished worse than 5th. I also got a 9th in the NVL as well 3 more “game to get ins” barely losing nail bitters every time! Lastly, the best stat yet, I finished with more wins than losses by a long shot. This was also a first for me!! SO once again a HUGE thank you for last year!!! ”

Rob D. Hermosa Beach, CA